Recalls and Alerts: February 14 – 17, 2021

Here is today’s list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals, allergy alerts and miscellaneous compliance issues. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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United States

OUTBREAK ALERT: The Connecticut Department of Public Health warns consumers, restaurants, and retailers in Connecticut not to eat, serve or sell El Abuelito Queso Fresco cheese due to laboratory findings that detected Listeria monocytogenes in samples collected from a Connecticut retail food store. The samples were collected as part of an investigation of a multi-state outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes illnesses. One of the outbreak victims reported having eaten this brand of cheese. Additional lab tests are underway to determine whether the L. monocytogenes recovered from the cheese sample is a genetic match for the outbreak strain. The CDC reports a total of seven confirmed cases of listeriosis; all seven outbreak victims have been hospitalized. The FDA and its state partners are working with the company to recall the contaminated batch of cheese.

Allergy Alert: Russ Davis Wholesale recalls Kowalski’s brand Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with Kowalski’s Steakhouse Blue Dressing (22 oz; Use By 1/19/2021 through 2/10/21) due to undeclared fish (anchovies).

Allergy Alert: Litehouse Inc. recalls Brite Harbor Caesar Dressing & Dip (1.5 oz pillows; Lot code 03 071321 16002 60; Best if used by 03 071321) due to undeclared anchovies.


Food Safety Recall: Boucherie L’Amiral inc. recalls Truite fumée tranchée / Sliced smoked trout (Variable weights; All product sold up to and including 17 February 2021) due to missing expiration date on packages.

Food Safety Recall: Le 5ième inc. recalls various products packed in glass jars (500 ml; All product sold up to and including 15 February 2021) due to improper storage temperature. Please refer to the recall notice for a complete list of affected products.


Allergy Alert (Sweden): Gotlands Bryggeri recalls Gotlands Bryggeri White Bulldog Wheat IPA (Best before 13-08-21) due to undeclared wheat malt.

Food Safety Recall (Belgium): Finartes NV recalls Vleeswaren cd brand Ringworst & droge worst / dried sausages (245g; Use by 30/03/2021) due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Food Safety Recall (Belgium): MARIGOLD recalls GROUND EGUSI melon seeds (80g, 160g et 500g; Lots 280520/01 – 231020/02 – 230920/02 – 231120/03; Expiry date 12/2021) due to elevated aflatoxin levels.

Food Safety Recall (Belgium): ALL FOODS recalls ALL FOODS brand Préparé du Chef (150g – 0.5kg – 1 kg; Lot #21-05-04; Expiry date 27/02/2021) due to possible Salmonella contamination.

Food Safety Recall (France): Manufacturer recalls Itinéraire des Saveurs brand Magret de Canard séché tranché / Dried, sliced duck breast (90g; Lot #421 025; Best before 15/05/2021) and Itinéraire des Saveurs brand Magret de Canard séché tranché et fumés / Dried, sliced, and smoked duck breast (90g; Lots 421 025 & 421 026; Best before 15/05/21 & 16/05/21, respectively) due to Campylobacter contamination.

Food Safety Recall (Germany): Adler Restaurant Indisches Restaurant / Adler Restaurant Indian restaurant recalls partially cooked meals (Purchased between December 2020 and January 2021) due to Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Food Safety Recall (Ireland): Supervalu recalls Signature Taste Yellowfin Tuna Steaks (240g; Use by 16/02/2021 and 17/02/2021) due to elevated histamine levels.

Food Safety Recall (Italy): LE DELIZIE ITALIANE SRL recalls FILETTI DI ALICI IN OLIO / Anchovy fillets packed in oil (200g; Lots 34520, 34620, 34720; Best before 08/10/21, 09/10/21, 10/10/21) due to elevated histamine levels.

Food Safety Recall (Netherlands): Unidex recalls Zena Moringa powder (100g; Best before 31 December 2023) due to Salmonella contamination.

Food Safety Recall (UK): Co-op recalls Irresistible Ginger and Dark Chocolate Cookies (200g; Best before 2 June 2021 and 3 June 2021) due foreign matter (pieces of plastic) contamination.

Australia and New Zealand

Allergy Alert (New Zealand): New Zealand Creameries Ltd recalls Deep South brand Strawberry & Cream Pavlova Premium Ice Cream (950 ml; Best before 06.11.2022 & 11.11.2022) due to undeclared egg.

Food Safety Recall (New Zealand): Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd recalls Pams brand Bacon Pieces (350g; Best before 28 FEB 21) due to foreign matter (aluminium pieces) contamination.