Readers Report Their Experience With Recalled Pet Foods

The reports are mounting of sick pets who were fed one of the recalled dry dog or cat foods produced by Diamond Pet Foods in Gaston, South Carolina.

FDA acknowledges two lab-confirmed infected dogs. Two Canadian cats have died. No one knows how many other dogs and cats have been infected. No one knows how many households have lost a beloved pet. No one knows how many people have become ill after handling the contaminated dog food or their infected pets.

eFoodAlert has received reports from several readers – some via comments on the various Diamond Pet Foods recall stories, and some by email.

Total Illnesses/Deaths (as of July 20, 2012)

  • All pet reports (includes FDA and media reports): 58 (8 dead)
  • Cats: 15 (3 dead)
  • Dogs: 40 (4 dead)
  • Unspecified: 3 (1 dead)
  • People (includes 49 confirmed cases): 53

If you would like to add your pets, yourself, or family members to this tally, please post your comment below. I will update the totals daily.

Following is a list summarizing the reports received so far (updated July 20, 2012)

From Kelly (July 20, 2012): Four dogs and one person.

From Bert (June 21, 2012): Two sick dogs, one sick cat, one household member hospitalized. The cat died.

From Betty (June 11, 2012): Three labs sick within a 6-week period; one in liver failure. Fed Kirkland Chicken and Rice.

From Tiffany (May 31st): One dog fed Taste of the Wild became ill.

From Linda (May 30th): Two dogs fed Taste of the Wild Bison. One dog died in January. The other recovered. Please read the story of Jelly and Bishop (in the Comments), told movingly by Linda.

From Elizabeth (May 29th): One sick dog; fed Taste of the Wild. Bloody stools, projectile vomiting.

From Hannah (May 24th): Two sick Border Collies, fed Taste of the Wild.

From Karen (May 23rd): I fed 4Health to my 4 collies this Winter and Spring. In March, 3 of them got sick. One died. The 2 girls were seniors. They got better after I started feeding them Fromm and then Earthborn. I can’t stress strongly enough how much Earthborn and Fromm helped my girls get better. If you need to run for cover to a new feed, run to one of these 2 brands. I went to Diamond and talked to their vet about the issues with my dogs. I was told that they were getting reports of all kinds of people with dogs dying from pinworms, etc. which folks claimed were due to the Diamond dog food. I was told that unless I had a signed note form my vet stating that a test proved the dog died from salmonella, that they would not recognize any issues with my collies. I was stunned. I did take a poop sample to my vet, but since it was so obvious what was killing my collie, the vet didn’t see the need to do the test. What regret I have over that.

From MG (May 21st): One sick dog; fed Taste of the Wild

From Alex (May 21st): English Mastiff puppy eating Diamond Large Breed Puppy was sickened…diarrhea, fever.

From Savannah (May 19th): Have two sick cats from feeding call of the wild here in southern Ontario.

From Tisha (May 19th): Today, both dogs are sick $$$$. They have only been eating the food for 2 days. This time it was Natural Balance.

From Kathy (May 19th): My dog was rushed to hospital April 15th. Fever 104 and raging diarrhea. Three days in hospital and almost died. Home now and much better on non diamond food. He was eating costco kirkland chicken and rice.

From Donna (May 19th): I have two sick dogs and my husband was sick as well.

From Betty (May 19th): All 3 of my labs became ill from eating diamond pet food (kirkland). Within about a 7 week period we had diarrhea, vomiting, and bloody stool.

From Dublin, Ireland (May 18th): One sick dog. Fed a recalled batch of Taste of the Wild.

From Kjell (May 17th): My dogs are fine, that was who I was watching for signs in. Now all of my cats, there are 10 in my house, have severe diarrhea and vomiting. I have a 20yr old cat, that I have had since a baby, that is part of my family, that I now have to take to the vet today, and more than likely put to sleep, due to complications. Unless my vet can perform a miracle.

From Palominomom (May 16th): I had 3 (out of 3) dogs get sick when I fed them out of a new bag of Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream food. I had been feeding this for over 6 months.. One dog was hospitalized for 3 days on IV’s, lost 10 lbs and took over 3 weeks to approach normal. The foster dog also ran 104 fever and refused a second meal of the food (at this time I did not know that TOTW was manufactured by Diamond).. I rushed her to the Emergency vet, she was treated and meds were given to me. Came home to 3rd dog with fever. I had the runs and stomach issues for 2 days.

From Nancy (May 15th): I fed Chicken Soup to my dogs for 5-6 years. This fall the food was a different color and they had diarrhea. I changed to TOTW…better for awhile then diarrhea began again. Went to vet, fed a bag of easy digest and gave flagyl. Then new bag of TOTW … Symptoms again. Repeated…THEN after buying new bag, read news. Threw away—and bought a new bag with April 13 code after plant was supposedly cleaned, etc. AGAIN my dogs developed dreadful liquid diarrhea. I am stupid, I guess. I have loved how my animals thrived on Chicken Soup and then TOTW. I wanted to support local farmers supply. I was furious when the supposedly new bag after cleaning and reopening make them sick again. That’s it and then I read THIS report … How awful. I am lucky my Plott Hound and Whippet didn’t die.

From taelcat (May 14th): I have been dealing with three sick pets, one has passed away and am trying to get to the bottom of it all.

From Kimberly (May 14th): My name is kimberly and I too have had a beloved pet die of this. My dog’s name is SIMON he was a 11 yr. old pit. My son’s 2yr old bulldog also was sick. We caught the 2yr old in time, he is doing much better after antibiotics. His name is Killian, and has much weight to gain back. Simon had died less than a week before I heard of the recall, and we stopped using the food with killian, and treated him for this illness.

From Harriet (May 9th): We were feeding our dogs, my daughters dog and My dog diamond pet food. Tammy’s dog is really sick since we fed him this food and 3 days ago my dog died after feeding her that food.

31 thoughts on “Readers Report Their Experience With Recalled Pet Foods

  1. I know this is a little late but just found this site. April of 2012 my six year old lab ate a bowl of Diamond Lamb and Rice Lite, which was her regular food. It was a fresh bag and after eating part of the dish, she refused to eat anymore. Thought maybe she was coming down with something so I didnt push it. Refused to eat the next day and started showing signs of distress with vomitting and diarhea. Put food out for her but she continued to refuse to eat it. Continued with the distress for the next few days so I started her on hamburg and rice. She accepted this food but still showed signs of illness. After two weeks on bland diet she showed signs of improvement so I tried to offer her more Diamond L&R but she refused it. Went to Vets for testing and she was put on meds. Vet informed me of recall of Diamond products and she was treated for Salmonella poisoning. Was in contact with Diamond and was told there was no recall for her brand of food. On May 18th Diamond finally recalls her brand of food. At the end of May, Diamond Pet Foods Insurance Company contacted me and asked for my Vet bills. I submitted them but also informed the agent that dog had another followup appt in early June. We agreed to wait until after the appt before they settled. Mid June informed the Insurance Co that my dog was still ill but she was on a bland diet and appeared to be getting better. The agent at Nationwide Agribusiness offered me a check for my Vet bills and was rather pushy. I questioned her on other dogs being ill and if there were any deaths and she denied any reported illnesses. Diamonds web site denied any reports of any reported illnesses and I stated to the agent that I thought it was odd that they dint report my dogs illness. I accepted their check for Vet bills and meds for my dog.
    My lab continued with bouts of loose stools over the summer and on advice from her vet, I continued with the bland diet. In Sept she got violently ill and could not walk and was rushed to the Vet. After weeks of treatment for different symptoms I had to put her down. Called Diamond to reopen my case and agent said I had already signed off. I informed her that I didnt sign off and that I would retain an attorney. She then instructed me to send my bills to her and she would look them over. On 4-4-13 she called to inform me that they wouldnt pay as I reached a “compromise settlement” with them last june. She refused to deny my claim in writing and at this time I informed her that I would retain a lawyer and they could deal with them.
    Now my reason for posting this is for anyone else who may have experienced this. The law states that she is correct that when I accepted the check that was a settlement even though I was unaware at the time. But the law also states that if fraud is committed while doing a compromise settlement, it renders the settlement null and void. And by not admitting to me that there were other illnesses and even deaths of dogs when I questioned said Ins. agent, she committed fraud. Now I am in the process of taking this issue to a whole different level. Anyone having difficulties with Diamond or their Ins. Co please feel free to contact me as I may be able to help.


  2. 3 cats fed Taste of the Wild started projectile vomiting & having diarrhea & dehydration for the entire last week of February 2012. I got diarrhea too. All three cats were at the vets for 24-48 hrs of intraveneous fluids and we changed to other wet foods for a while at home but then re-introduced some more TOW kibbles since the manufacturer claimed that there were no reported cases of sickness at that time (late March). One cat died April 24, the second on May 18th. The third cat survived, but he was twice their size and avoided the TOW kibble.

    Never again will I have Diamond products in my house & I will follow the lead of a cat who refuses to eat something it usually enjoys. I will also avoid buying large packages of kibble. Small bags will cost more, but will be produced on different dates so there’s a lesser chance that they will all be contaminated.


  3. Picked up a bag of Diamond Beef & Rice and fed it to our dogs for two days. Black diarrhea, painful joints, lethargic, bouts of panting for no reason–stopped immediately and returned the bag of food to the feed mill. Dogs recovered on homemade rice and chicken.


  4. Opened a new back of Kirkland Lamb and rice. My Rodesian got extremely ill within 8 hours, vomitting, loose stool, lethargic, elevated liver enzymes. Three days at vet iv fluids, antibiotics, xrays etc. Contacted FDA who are investegating and costco who is saying his food wasnt recalled, I THINK NOT!! FDA is having his poop tested. Live in N California


  5. Our family dog & my BEST FRIEND (4 yr. old Chomski) went from a healthy, strong & very social buddy to lethargic, constantly thirsty, urinating every 3 hrs. and feverish. I took him to our vet. 5 times within 14 days. the vet did blood work & urinalysis twice, took x-rays, gave him a prostate exam & ultrasound. The x-rays & ultrasound showed inflamed kidneys. they sent us home with antibiotic & anti-infammatory pills, then gave him an underskin water/vitamin shot & a stronger anitbiotic shot on june 26th. It did’nt help. later in the day on June 26th I rushed Chomski to a specialty clinic where they discovered that the toxins he had ingested from DIAMOND PREMIUM ADULT dry dog food had messed up his kidneys & liver and gone on to his brain to cause encephalitis. I had them put him down as he was in & out of coma, blindness, & high fever. I can’t believe that after all the recalls that I am now painfully aware of in 2005, 2007, 2009, & now 2012 of diamond pet foods & the recurrent problems with the factory in South Carolina that either of these places are still open for business. I really doubt that this would be so public if there were no salmonella cases reported. I hope these companies are shut down. our hearts are broken, Bill & martha


  6. I am in British Columbia, Canda and today went into Costco to discuss all the Kirkland brands. I am a hobby breeder and also do rescue work so feed all life stages. I use all Kirkland as well as other foods produced by the same company. I had a call from a customer who purchased a puppy, whom was being fed Kirkland Puppy, he was taken to the vet with bloody stools, Parvo was ruled out as well as Cocci and Giardia. The vet asked what food was being fed and then told to immediately stop. Pup was on IV overnight and on antibiotics as the vet suspects Salmonella, pup eating Prescription diet and now is doing well. My girlfriend has a litter of pups that have been in the vet with bloody stools, lethargic, etc and they also are on Kirkland puppy, another litter one pup is ill, all these pups have tested negative for Parvo, Cocci and Giardia leading to a suspect of Salmonella. Another friend in another area of BC lost 4 puppies again Negative to Parvo but on Kirkland Puppy.
    I also have Persians and Bengals and all the cats and kittens have had bloody loose stools and nothing is coming back from vet tests to show what it is and now find out the cat food has been recalled, BUT NOT in our area.
    February I had a new puppy that I purchased get bloody diarrhea, lethargic etc after eating Kirkland for 3 days, thousand of dollars later she came home. Again, we would never suspect dog food to be an issue.


  7. 4 dogs and myself, WE just switched dog foods, cause my husbands co worker bragged of the food, CALL OF THE WILD, At first everything was fine, then, my puppy 1 year old was gassy and nausea for two days, Last night my oldest Schitzu, who is our teletubby, eats everything, He straight out refused to eat. I was like wow. It is early in the morning third day, I am up again all night cleaning up dog vomit. Finally found the site for dog food recall. Sad, I have cried, so many helpless animals have gotten sick from this,. I do hope and pray that everyone and their small children aka pets will recover I am praying mine will be ok.


  8. Thank you so much for this site. We fed our 4 year old labrador and 11 year old bulldog Diamond Chicken and Rice and it was part of the recalled batch. Both dogs became ill. Our bulldog had liver failure, stomach rash, bloating, vomiting, could hardly walk, intestinal distress and fever. Our vet was able to stabilize him and he survived, but he remains lethargic and is just not the same dog. Incidently, our cat would sometimes sneak bites of the dog food, she began throwing up, not eating, diarrhea, fever and we took her to the emergency vet, they couldn’t save her due to the liver failure. The vet indicated salmonella poisoning as the cause of her death. All three of our animals had been to the vet for their annual checkups including blood panels and examination 3 months prior to us switching to Diamond dog food, and were healthy at their checkups. My daughter, who would most often be the one handling the food also was hospitalized for 4 days and diagnosed with salmonella (she is a vegetarian who doesn’t handle meat or other ways of coming into contact with salmonella). So heartbreaking and senseless.


  9. Large dog eating Taste of the Wild + Natural Balance. Noticed a darker color kibble change a few months ago. Late March – early April: first symptoms were spitting food on the floor to an eventual refusal of food, very low energy to the point of not walking, unexplained crying. Excessive hair around the house and now a very thin unhealthy looking & feeling coat. Eyes looked dull. Nausea as sited in drool in a non-drooly dog. Very dark urine on several occasions prior to my realizing there was a problem. Stool became soft & sometimes slimy almost like a gel. Eating remarkable amount of grass & drinking several gallons of water per day. An extreme case of accelerated aging. He is now suddenly a senior dog where people used to think he was a puppy. First trip to vet in April. Elevated liver #s that escalated weekly, very low white blood cell count, enlarged spleen, enlarged lymph nodes. Tested negative for salmonella. Vet gave him antibiotics in case of infection but they did not improve his WBC count as expected. Human food only beginning 2 days prior to 1st vet apt but also started to refuse human food. Tested negative for cancer in spleen and lymph node aspirates. Developed a flushing & blistering skin rash on belly where ultrasound had been performed after being in the sun for 10 min. Finally figured out via my own observation that he has a photo-toxicity issue where he has fevers & rash + 1 x vomiting if he’s in the sun. Pink stain on fur around mouth. May be condition called PCT sometimes associated with toxicity. Began prednisone due to a lack of solution without a diagnosis and worsening condition. Prednisone increased appetite for human food (never buying dog food again). Has also helped with energy. One week of violent & frequent bile = yellow diarrhea. Condition has been very up and down from day to day. Liver #s back to normal range after about a month which also caused normal water intake to return. Aprox 2 months have gone by since first vet apt and now diagnosed with an extremely aggressive type of cancer with a few months life expectancy. Diagnosis based on aspirates from liver, spleen & lymph nodes that tested negative just a few weeks prior. Now very anemic. Platelets are normal which is apparently unusual with cancer and other symptoms. Sometimes extremely labored breathing & groaning or moaning. Occasionally heart feels like it’s going to come through his chest. I still believe this is connected to the food because his symptoms coincided with others that seem to be too similar & identical timing to be coincidental. I believe 1 toxin can cause both acute poisoning and sub-acute or chronic illness followed by death depending on the size and age of a dog. Of course, it may all be a huge coincidence that we all have animals with similar symptoms at the same time. File AND UPDATE with the FDA because they are fixated on the salmonella and it’s upsetting that the second potential problem isn’t being acknowledged.


    1. After 3 months of giving every ounce of my heart and soul & trying to save the love of my life, my dog was euthanized last night. I am devastated. Sending my love to all of you that have been touched by this tragedy. Thank you for this forum so that we have a means to try to help one another.


      1. So sorry for your loss 😥 I can only imagine.. It broke my heart to read- “the love of your life”,, because I feel that exact way about our 5 yr old yellow Lab.. (He too -and our 6mo old Akita pup- have became ill in last 3 wks) only they’ve been eatting Purina One & a new Purina Natural. I will at the least not buy the new ‘Naturals’ again…. My heat breaks for you…..


  10. A lot of information, but hopefully it helps others.
    Our 4 year old Terrier Mix has eaten (Diamond) Kirkland Chicken, Rice, and Vegetable for almost 2 years with no problems. After we just purchased a new bag in May and started to feed it to her, she started to not be herself. When we would take her outside she would just sit in the yard and look around instead of playing and running. Next morning she started to become very lethargic and we knew something was wrong. We took her immediately to the vet. The vet said she was very sick and needed to keep her there to monitor her. We would bring her home a nights and waited for the sickness to pass. Unfortunately on the second night she got worse. I woke up at 3am and layed down with her. About 4am she started to have severe seizures. We immediately rushed her to our 24 hour Animal Hospital. By the time we got there she was almost gone, minutes later she died at the Hospital. This does not make sense for an absolutely HEALTHY dog that was the joy of our family to losing her to something like this.
    We have all the tests back from the many that were performed by the vet. All blood, x-rays, samples, etc came back that she was a healthy and there is no sign of a physical defect or indication of why she should have died. After talking with MANY people that have had the same experience and there is a pattern that continues to happen: after they start a new bag of dog food the dog becomes lethargic and sick/dies within days. (mostly due to liver/organ failure) Medical experts I talked to stated the symptoms on the last night appear to be liver failure. I have already contacted the FDA, Diamond, and Costco so with the help from my vet we are working with them in trying to resolve this.
    We are trying to strictly work on facts and try to determine what exactly the issue is. Clearly we are not trying to spread rumors saying the food was for sure the cause, but since the death occurred after starting a new bag and all the medical tests show no indication of other cause, and it is happening to hundreds of animals, the food is highly suspect.
    Here are the symptoms we encountered: BEGINNING DAYS-started by moving slower, not wanting to play, eating grass NEXT 2 DAYS- became very lethargic, fever, labored breathing, not eating or drinking, Vets administered medicine and IV’s and ran many tests LAST NIGHT- Very Lethargic, laying with legs straight locked, can’t walk or falling over, LAST 2 HOURS-head would turn backwards locking, appeared to be going blind by not seeing us and eyes were unresponsive, then very severe seizures.
    I read articles like these before I started to buy Kirkland/Diamond dog food, but TRUSTED that no one would ever sell something that would cause this much loss. We wish we would have read this information several weeks ago and it may have been a different outcome. If you are still feeding your dog this food, I was just like you a week ago thinking it would never happen to us… now we are trying to deal with the tragic loss of our family pet.


    1. Poor you.
      I understand how you feel because I lost my Jelly in exactly the same manner. I have submitted all to the FDA and Diamond;
      also contacted my local television news stations, but they were not interested. Not surprised….
      I know there will be better days ahead for all of us.
      Much love,


  11. my 3 labs got sick within a 6 week period. i spoke to diamond 2x and they reassured me, that it wasn’t that food (kirkland chicken and rice). by the time my 3rd dog got sick i knew they were liars. i went on ch. 2 news, wrote them incessantly, and now they want my invoices. my 10 yr old lab, the last one to get sick, had flukey liver levels the last 2 blood tests. now, he is in liver failure and we’re doing everything we can to prolong his life(a healthy life).
    god only knows the outcome here.


  12. About 36 hours after eating her first and only bowl of Taste of the Wild Dog Food my 15 month old Keeshond went down with acute liver failure. An emergency three hour trip from my vets office to UC Davis led to almost $5000 in vet bills. When UC Davis wanted $20,000 to save her we were forced to bring her home to die. The discharge papers say she was not expected top live. She bled all over the house and the car. We thought she would bleed to death that night. I said she would die in my arms. I forced pills and suspensions down her throat and ground up Hills L/d and forced it down her throat. Gradually she began to recover. Each small sign was a miracle. One day she kissed her dad and as she began to recover her strength we saw hope. It has been 15 days now. We shipped a sample of the dog food to the UC Davis toxicology lab but haven’t gotten the results yet. The vet at UC Davis wanted to blame it on toadstools. We keep our dogs in the house, allow them on the deck and walk them on a 3 foot leash. We can rule out toadstools, antifreeze and all other known environmental toxins. I don’t allow rat poison on my property. I live in the woods and my nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away. So we can rule out deliberate poisons and environmentals. We have two dogs. Only one dog ate the dog food the other one spit it out. Only the dog that ate the dog food got sick. I’ll keep feeding my dogs human food for the rest of their lives. Just because your dog food is not on the dog food recall list doesn’t make it safe.


  13. I was feeding both my 4year old and 6 year old Portuguese Water Dogs Taste of the Wild Bison for about five years. My 4 year old, Jelly, was about 38 pounds and a much smaller dog than my 6 year old, Bishop who is larger and weighs about 55 pounds. (There is a range of sizes in the Portuguese Water Dog b/c fishermen with small boats bred smaller dogs; fishermen with larger boats bred larger dogs).
    It was in January 2012 that I noticed some vomiting from Jelly.
    That discontinued, but bloody stools followed, first in Jelly, then beginning the next day in Bishop, as well.
    I brought my dogs to the Vet.
    Next I noticed Jelly was having urinary accidents all over the house.
    I didn’t understand this, b/c he was, of course house trained.
    Bish did not do this. Jelly was VERY thirsty, and peeing all the time in huge amounts.
    After awhile, Jelly started to pee bloody urine, in very small amounts.
    I took him to the vet.
    Then Bish started with this as well.
    Both back to the vet.
    I felt my dogs were being poisoned, (I just had this feeling,) but I had no poisons in my home, and it was winter outside.
    I was perplexed.
    The bloody urine went on for about a week, my vet doing all kinds of tests, X- rays, blood work.
    All the while, I was feeding my dogs Taste of the Wild, Bison, b/c the recall wasn’t announced until May,2012, and this was back in January 2012.
    Jelly was at the vet’s for 4 hours on the day he died. He sat on my lap the whole time.
    I am grateful for those four hours.
    The vet was unsure of what was happening.
    That afternoon, Jelly started to yelp in pain so horribly I knew it was the end.
    He stumbled about the room in a daze, screaming bloody murder.
    Then, immediately, he seized.
    I immediately drove him to the Emergency Hospital.
    He was incontinent of large amounts of urine on the way.
    At the hospital, he went into a coma, cardiac and respiratory arrested, and died.
    Bishop recovered on his own, which I attribute to his larger size.
    I miss Jelly so much and feel responsible for his awful death.
    I was his advocate, his protector, and here I was feeding him poison by the name of Taste of the Wild Bison Dog Food.
    Linda Petote Martin, RN
    Pittsford, New York


  14. Have been feeding Taste of Wild for a few years. Fed in March, travelled out of town with my dog, he got violently sick..bloody stools, projectile…vomiting..had to take to an emergency vet that day. contacted FDA and Diamond requesting a refund for my vet bill..emergency vet doesn’t do that test (it takes a couple of days) but did note on the paperwork about the symptoms. haven’t heard a word from the FDA.


  15. Shouldn’t a clinical diagnosis (of salmonellosis) based on knowledge obtained by medical history and physical examination alone, without benefit of laboratory tests, provide Diamond with adequate evidence that the illness or death of a pet was due to a contaminated pet food?


    1. the dogs don’t necessarily get salmonella. they can just get sick,and the dog could also appear healthy and be a carrier of salmonella.


  16. Our 2 Border Collies,1 year old siblings, became sick with diarrhea and fever after ingesting Taste of the Wild kibble. We opened the new bag on 4/26 and by 4/28 they were sick. On Tuesday, 5/1 I called TOW to see if they had any known problems with the variety we purchased. They said they would test the sample they keep from every batch and let us know. TOW called us on 5/3 and said the food was fine and to continue to follow up with our vet. On Friday, 5/4 TOW had the recall up on their website. How could they not know there was a problem if they tested the sample? It is now 5/24 and these pups are still sick with diarrhea, and both have lost 7 and 8 lbs and muscle mass.They have been put on probiotics, boiled rice and turkey, and now an antibiotic. Did TOW know something prior to 5/4 or did our inquiry alert them to this? We will never know, I just pray my pups get better soon.


  17. My dog became ill May 5, 2012 after eating Taste of the Wild that was part of the recall. First he was finicky for a few days and then he got loose stools and was throwing up. He has fully recovered but spent overnight at the vet getting fluids. I reported this to Diamond and to the FDA. My guess is that MOST cases will not be counted if folks did not get the diagnosis confirmed with a Salmonella test.


  18. I had a recalled bag of Taste of the Wild Bison – fed it to my dog for 5 days before hearing of the recall. She became extremely lethargic and had bad diarrhea and vomiting for three days. Luckily after being off of the food and eating only chicken and rice (that I make for her) she is back to feeling well. Best of luck to all of you and your pets!


  19. Here at the farm, the dogs eating Diamond Senior and Small Dog Puppy are fine…BUT our secretary’s English Mastiff puppy eating Diamond Large Breed Puppy was sickened at the end of April — diarrhea, fever — but pulled through after 3 days.. We burned his food and bedding, and bleached our offices as well ( lotsa kids here, too) Why does this keep happening??? My doodles, thankfully, eat dry food locally produced, as well as homecooked. I am very disgusted by the Premium brands using that plant in South Carolina — it had a history of poor sanitation, I believe..


  20. Thank you soo much for this site. This is the 2nd time my dog has come in contact with contaminated dog food products. The 1st time it was Wellness. My vet told me that they see more cases of dog issues due to pet food then any other reason. I had stopped feeding my toy chocolate poodle dog food and was making his meals (also vet recommended). However, I went back to dog food 3 days ago due to being a temporary adopted pet parent of a rescue toy poodle we found severely neglected and trying to stablilize his bowel movements. Today, both dogs are sick $$$$. They have only been eating the food for 2 days. This time it was Natural Balance. I will go back to making their weekly prepared meals (brownrice, chicken and sweetpotato or kale or lentile peas). I’m posting this site on my facebook page, for dogs lovers and sending it to all my pet parent friends.

    Dogs do have soul’s, because they love!


  21. My dog was rushed to hospital April 15th. Fever 104 and raging diarrhea. Three days in hospital and almost died. Home now and much better on non diamond food. He was eating costco kirkland chicken and rice.


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