OUTBREAK UPDATE: Salmonella infections across Ontario linked to alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts produced by Sunsprout Natural Foods of Brantford, Ontario have caused 37 people to be infected with Salmonella, according to a spokesperson with Ontario’s Ministry of Health.

Infections have been reported from 19 of Ontario’s 34 public health units, and the cases are scattered across the province.

Four people have been hospitalized.

Sunsprout has initiated a series of recalls since August 11th. The following recalled products were distributed only in Ontario:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is verifying that industry is removing the recalled products from the marketplace.

Ontarians are encouraged to refer to the recall notice posted on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website and follow the advice provided.

a. Ontarians are reminded to check their fridges and freezers for the recalled product and if any is found, it is recommended that it be thrown out right away

b. Individuals are encouraged to visit Health Canada’s Food Safety and You website for additional resources/tips on food safety and safe food handling, particularly individuals at high risk for serious health effects from foodborne illness (young children, seniors, or people with weak immune systems)

c. It is important for Ontarians to remember, even when not eating out regularly, foods purchased and brought into the home can be contaminated and cause illness

i.    All fruits and vegetables should be washed

ii.   Clean counters and cutting boards

iii.  Keeping cold foods cold and hot foods hot

iv.   Cook foods to appropriate internal temperature

v.    Reduce cross contamination by keeping raw foods separate from ready to eat foods and foods that have already been washed and heated, washing hands regularly and cleaning food contact surfaces between use.


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