Recalls and Alerts: August 15 – 17, 2019

Here is today’s list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals, allergy alerts and miscellaneous compliance issues. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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United States

Food Safety Recall: Tyson Foods Inc. recalls approximately 39,078 pounds of Weaver brand frozen chicken patty product due to possible foreign matter contamination. Please refer to the recall notice for details on the affected product.

Food Safety Recall: AWERS, Inc. recalls Grained Salmon Caviar Sockeye Salmon Caviar (95g; Best before OCT 07 2020), because the product has the potential to support growth of Clostridium botulinum.

Pet Treat Safety Recall: Dog Goods USA LLC recalls Chef Toby Pig Ears Treats (non-irradiated bulk and packaged treats; Lot codes 428590, 278989, 087148, 224208, 1168723, 428590, 222999, 074599, 1124053, 226884, 578867, 224897, 1234750, 444525, 1106709, 215812, 230273, 224970, 585246, 327901, 052248, 210393, 217664, 331199, 225399, 867680, 050273, 881224, 424223, 225979, 431724, 226340, 880207, 334498; Product of Brazil) due to possible Salmonella contamination.

Pet Food Safety Alert: FDA cautions pet owners not to feed certain lots of Texas Tripe Inc. raw pet food, due to Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes contamination. Please refer to the FDA alert for detailed information on the affected products.


Allergy Alert: Zaher’s Small Batch recalls Zaher’s brand Hummus (all flavours, batch codes and package sizes) due to undeclared sesame and sulphites.

Allergy Alert: TLW Trading Ltd. recalls QQ Fish brand Mushroom Fish Ball (200g; Exp: 11/25/2020; UPC 8 886325 910123) due to undeclared egg.

Food Safety Recall: Kraft Heinz Canada recalls Heinz Turkey Stew 8+ Months Baby Food (213 ml; Best before 2021JN04; UPC 0 572200 6) due to presence of insects.

Food Safety Recall: Jeunes au travail recalls La Carnivore brand Sauce bolognaise (1L jar; All product sold up to August 16, 2019) because the product was manufactured and packaged under conditions that may imperil food safety.

Food Safety Recall: L’herbe à Lou recalls several varieties of L’herbe à Lou brand honey due to potential Clostridium botulinum contamination.

Food Safety Recall: Ferment Passion recalls Ferment Passion brand TEMPEH SOYA TRADITIONNEL / Traditional Soy Tempeh (250g; Product packaged 4 July 2019) and Ferment Passion brand TEMPEH POIS CHICHES / Chick Pea Tempeh (250g; Product packaged 6 July 2019) due to Bacillus cereus contamination.

Consumer Advisory: CFIA advises consumers to use caution with infant formula products due to potential product substitution and/or tampering. Please refer to the CFIA advisory for details.


Allergy Alert (Netherlands): Kroes and Vomar Voordeelmarkt recall Nasi Goreng product with ajam ketjap and beans (Expiry dates of 15-08-2019 up to and including 24-08-2019) due to undeclared egg.

Food Safety Recall (Austria): Kagerer & Co. GmbH recalls Goma Wakame Seealgensalat TK / Seaweed salad (1kg; Batch #KOW30; Best before 30.03.2021) due to Norovirus contamination.

Food Safety Recall (Austria): Josef und Barbara Schreiner recalls Verhackert (Best before 23.08.2019) due to Listeria contamination.

Food Safety Recall (Germany): Trockner Sebastian GmbH/Srl Kollmann Colma recalls Hirschsalami – Salame di cervo (300g; Lot #0219; Best before 18.08.2019 & 19.09.2019) due to foreign matter (metal) contamination.