Recalls and Alerts: September 4 – 6, 2018

Here is today’s list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals, allergy alerts and miscellaneous compliance issues. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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United States

Allergy Alert: H&C Food Inc recalls Frozen Fuzhou Fish Balls and the Fish Balls due to undeclared wheat, pork, egg and crustacean. Please refer to the recall notice for additional details on both products.

Allergy Alert: Caito Foods, LLC recalls Derby City Chicken Salad WITHOUT Walnuts (15-oz. plastic clamshell packages; Lot code GHMW 243 03; Sell by 09/04/18) due to undeclared walnuts. The recalled product was shipped to retail locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Allergy Alert: New York Style Sausage Co. recalls Artesana Specialty Sausages CHORIZO SALVADORAN RECIPE ALL NATURAL (8-oz. cardboard packages; Production date June 8, 2018; no use by or sell by date) due to undeclared sesame seeds. The recalled product was sold at farmers markets in California.

Food Safety Recall: Bahar LLC. recalls Bahar MANTI Gourmet Mediterranean Brand Beef Dumplings (Various weight sealed plastic packages & 1-lb. square plastic sealed packages; Expiry dates 05/20/19 through 08/29/19), because the items were manufactured without benefit of inspection. The recalled products were shipped to distributor and retail locations in New Jersey.

Food Safety Recall: Wayne Farms, LLC recalls approximately 438,960 pounds of frozen, fully cooked chicken products (produced on various dates from July 4 through July 17, 2018) due to foreign matter (metal pieces) contamination. Please refer to the recall notice for a complete list of affected products, which were shipped to distributors, restaurants and further processing locations nationwide.

Homeopathic Product Safety Recall: Beaumont Bio Med, Inc recalls its entire aqueous/alcohol-based product line for human use, within expiry, to the consumer level due to possible microbial contamination. Please refer to the recall notice for a complete list of affected products.


Allergy Alert (Update): Monco Produce Inc. recalls Fresh lychees (Sold from August 7 up to and including August 31, 2018) due to undeclared sulfites. The recalled product was sold to consumers in Alberta , British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan, and may have been distributed nationwide.

Allergy Alert: TJX Canada recalls Sugar and Spun brand Cotton Candy (various flavors) due to undeclared egg, milk, peanut and wheat. Please refer to the recall notice for a complete list of affected products, which were supplied to retailers nationwide.

Food Safety Recall: Rodney’s Oyster Depot Limited Partnership recalls Rodney’s Oyster Depot LP brand SM Choice Oysters (100 count; Shipping dates 22/08/2018 and 24/08/2018) due to possible Salmonella contamination. The recalled oysters were supplied to hotels, restaurants and institutional customers in Ontario and Prince Edward Island.


Allergy Alert (France): Odyssée recalls Odyssée brand Piedmontese style tuna salad (250g; Lot codes 18/05/2021, 25/05/2021138, 25/05/2021145; Expiry 18/05/2021 & 25/05/2021) due to undeclared milk, egg and sulfites.

Allergy Alert (Germany): RAWBITE recalls RAWBITE Apricot bars (30g; all lot codes and expiration dates) due to undeclared traces of almonds and cashews.

Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands

Food Safety Alert (Hong Kong): Centre for Food Safety advises the public that, pursuant to a consumer complaint, CFS has found excessive Bacillus cereus levels (3.8 million per gram) in a sample of Kowloon Dairy Hi-Calcium Skimmed milk drink (236mL; Use by August 23, 2018; Manufactured by The Kowloon Dairy Ltd).


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