US Mango Outbreak Toll 103. Splendid Recalls Daniella Mangos

More than 100 people in 16 US states have been infected with a strain of Salmonella Braenderup that also has sickened 21 people in Western Canada, according to today’s report from CDC.

All of the reported illnesses occurred since July 1, 2012. Twenty-five of the 103 confirmed case-patients were hospitalized. Most of the reported cases (78 out of 103) were from California.

CDC has not listed the states that reported outbreak cases; however, eFoodAlert has learned that Oregon (1 case), Washington (6 cases), New York (3 cases) and Texas (2 cases) are impacted by this outbreak.

Illness onset dates range from July 3rd to August 11th. Slightly more than one-half (55%) of the victims are female; outbreak victims range in age from less than 1 year old to 86 years old.

Approximately 70% of the outbreak victims who were interviewed reported consuming mangos in the week before becoming ill. Many of the California victims – approximately 80% of whom are Hispanic – reported purchasing mangos from Hispanic markets or grocery stores. The specific type and source of mangos that might be linked to the illnesses is still being investigated.

Even though US federal and state agencies have not reached any conclusions as to the brand or source of mangos behind this outbreak, produce distributor Splendid Products (Burlingame, CA) is recalling Daniella brand mangos (Product of Mexico; sold as individual fruit; labeled with Daniella brand sticker and PLU #3114, 4051, 4311, 4584 or 4959). According to Splendid, the mangos were sold at various retail stores throughout the U.S. between July 12 and August 29, 2012.

A few retailers already have posted recall notices on their web pages, and Costco has been notifying by telephone its customers who purchased these mangos. A list of retailers who are recalling the Daniella mangos is available through the Salmonella Braenderup – Mango tab at the top of the page.

Advice to Consumers

In the absence of specific advice from either CDC or FDA, the following advice is included in the Splendid Products recall notice:

Those who have bought the recalled mangoes are advised not to eat them and to discard them. If there is no identifying sticker on the mango, consider discarding or returning the product to the place of purchase.

The Public Health Agency of Canada offers the following recommendation:

Check to see if you have any of the recalled mangoes in your home. If you have mangoes, but aren’t certain if they are part of the recall, check with the store where they were purchased.

If you have the product, do not eat it. Secure it in a plastic bag and throw it out. Then wash your hands thoroughly in warm soapy water.

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