Recalls and Alerts: March 11, 2012

Here is today’s list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals, allergy alerts and miscellaneous compliance issues. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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United States

  • Allergy Alert: Publix Super Markets recalls Publix Beef Stew Seasoning Mix (1.45 oz; UPC 41415-03608; Best by DEC 09 13 H), after receiving notification from McCormick & Company, Inc. that the product may be mispacked with brown gravy and may contain undeclared milk. The recalled seasoning mix was distributed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina.
  • Outbreak Alert (New York): Nassau County Department of Health is investigating an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness that has affected “hundreds” of students at Barnum Woods Elementary School. Norovirus is suspected.
  • Outbreak Alert (Illinois): Norovirus is the suspected cause of an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness at Westfield Community School in Algonquin. About 55% of the elementary school and more than 40% of the middle school students have been kept home from school. Eleven teachers reported symptoms.


  • Allergy Alert: Sobey’s Québec inc. recalls Esc Poitrine Poulet Asperge, Roti de Porc Cuit, and Terrine Sanglier Moisson, due to the presence of undeclared soy, wheat and/or fish. The recalled products were sold at certain IGA and IGA Extra grocery stores in variable weight formats and also packaged at the store up to and including March 7, 2012.


  • Food Safety Recall (France): Chablis Gourmets recalls Chablis Andouillettes Roulaide Chablisienne (approx. 300g slice; vacuum-packed; Lot #10.06; sold from 15/02/2012 through 09/03/2012), due to contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. The recalled product was sold in “self-service” departments of warehouse stores in the Bourgogne and Champagne Ardenne regions. Stores in the following cities and towns sold this product: Brienon (Yonne ), Chablis (Yonne) Auxerre (Yonne) Vermenton (Yonne) Joigny (Yonne), Migennes (Yonne), Avallon (Yonne), Villeneuve sur Yonne (yonne), Arc/ Tille (Côte d’or), Perrigny (Côte d’or), Dijon (Côte d’or), Fontaine les Dijon (Côte d’or), Auxonne (Côte d’or), Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône et Loire), Montceau les Mines (Saône et Loire), Torcy (Saône et Loire), Troyes (Aube), et Chaumont (Haute Marne).
  • Food Safety Withdrawal (Poland): Polish health authorities have ordered the withdrawal from the market of more than 230,000 kilograms (500,000 pounds) of pickles, bread and other food suspected of containing industrial salt, according to an Associated Press report.
  • Consumer Product Safety Recall (France): French authorities announce the recall of Dekang Liquid for Electronic Cigarettes (Pineapple and Desert Ship varieties) and Halo Liquid for Electronic Cigarettes (Tribeca, Coolmist and Prime 15 varieties), due to excessive levels of nicotine.
  • Outbreak Alert (UK): Friarswood Primary School (Newcastle) remains closed while students and staff are tested for possible E. coli infections, after three cases of E. coli were confirmed this week. An additional 10 possible cases have been identified.
  • Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0351): Dead insects in frozen spinach from France, via Italy; distributed to Italy.
  • Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0353): Unauthorized azorubine in nectar pomegranate from Greece, with raw material from Turkey; distributed to Greece.
  • Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0355): Escherichia coli in fresh mussels from Tunisia; distributed to Italy.
  • Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0358): Suspicion of fraud in relation to horse meat from Hungary; distributed to Italy.
  • Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0359): Aflatoxins in corn flour from Pakistan; distributed to the United Kingdom.
  • Allergy Alert Notification (EU #2012.0363): Undeclared peanut in Lituanica brand marchmallow vanilla from Poland; distributed to the United Kingdom.
  • Animal Feed Safety Notification (EU #2012.0364): Salmonella spp. in meat meal from France; distributed to Italy.
  • Pet Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0366): Mercury in cat food with tuna from Thailand; distributed to Italy.
  • Animal Feed Safety Notification (EU #2012.0367): Excessive Enterobacteriaceae in salmon meal from Norway; distributed to Belgium.
  • Allergy Alert Notification (EU #2012.0368): Lactoprotein and undeclared lactose in infant formula (non-milk rice porridge) from Turkey; distributed to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Allergy Alert Notification (EU #2012.0369): Undeclared gluten in cake mixes from Jamaica; distributed to the United Kingdom.
  • Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0370): Mercury in defrosted mako from Spain; distributed to Italy.
  • Allergy Alert Notification (EU #2012.0371): Allergic reaction caused by, and unauthorized benzoic acid in, rose jam from Syria; distributed to Cyprus.

Some supermarket chains post recall notices on their web sites for the convenience of customers. To see whether a recalled food was carried by your favorite supermarket, follow the live link to the supermarket’s recall web site.

*The Kroger umbrella encompasses numerous supermarket, marketplace and convenience store chains, listed on the Kroger corporate home page.
**Includes Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Carrs and Pak N’ Save.

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