Recalls and Alerts: September 17-19, 2022

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Here is today’s list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals, allergy alerts and miscellaneous compliance issues. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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Chapter 6. Birth of a Pathogen

United States

Allergy Alert: Valley International Cold Storage Acquisition, LLC recalls Healthy Choice POWER BOWLS Korean-Style Beef (9.25 oz cartons; Lot code 5246220320; Best by 04-18-2023) due to undeclared milk.


Allergy Alert: Tofutown North America, Inc. recalls Viana brand Veggie Cevapcici (200g; Date code 31/3/23; UPC 8 78397 00406 8) due to undeclared almond.

Food Safety Recall: Kam Ding Investment Ltd. recalls K-Fresh Fresh Produce brand Enoki Mushroom (200g; Product code SN: 080202; UPC 4 892742 010234) due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. The recalled product was sold in British Columbia and may have been distributed in other provinces and territories.


Allergy Alert (Belgium): Pepsico Nederland BV recalls Duyvis Borrelnootjes Provençale / Beer nuts (125g & 1000g; Lot NLZ 010 230; Best before 15/04/2023 & 20/05/2023, respectively) due to undeclared almonds and cashews.

Food Safety Recall (France): SCAMARK E.LECLERC recalls DOUCEUR DU VERGER brand DESSERT DE FRUIT POMME / Apple dessert (16 x 100g; Lot LF2205691; Best before 25/01/2023) due to elevated patulin levels.

Food Safety Recall (France): International Store recalls Asian choice brand Wakame Salade / Seaweed salad (225g; Lot 2111040038; Use by 25/07/2023) due to Hepatitis E virus contamination.

Food Safety Recall (France): SARL IKIZDERE IYI MARKET recalls EKONOMIK brand TAHIN HELVA PISTACHE / Tahini halvah with pistachios (300g; Lot L16B22; Use by 29/02/ 2024) due to Salmonella contamination.

Food Safety Recall (Netherlands): DekaMarkt recalls DekaVers Buffelmozzarella Piccolini / Buffalo mozzarella piccolini cheese (125g; Expiration date 8-10-2022) due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands

Food Safety Recall (Hong Kong): PNS FRESH INTERNATIONAL recalls CASINO STE MAURE GOAT LOG (200g; Use by dates between September 25, 2022 to October 10, 2022; Product of France) due to foreign matter contamination (metal).

Food Safety Recall (Israel): Zarobi Cruise Galilee Ltd recalls Zarobi Craper Galilee ground nutmeg (100g; Best by 14.06.2024) due to high level of toxins.

Food Safety Recall (Israel): Yossi Cohen butcher recalls Yossi Cohen butcher brand frozen kebab (1 kg; Use by dates 11.2.22-14.11.22) due to Salmonella contamination.