Recalls and Alerts: June 26-28, 2021

Here is today’s list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals, allergy alerts and miscellaneous compliance issues. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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United States

Allergy Alert: Bazzini LLC recalls Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups (1.4 oz; Sell by APR 05 2022, APR 06 2022, and APR 07 2022) due to undeclared peanuts.


Food Safety Recall Update: Phoenicia Group Inc. recalls Al-Rabih brand Halva / Halawa – Plain / Traditional (454g; Lot #184 34520; Best before 01/DE/22; UPC 7 70338 10055 9) due to possible Salmonella contamination.


Food Safety Recall (Austria): Hofbauer recalls three Hofbauer Bonbonnier items due to possible foreign matter (pieces of plastic) contamination. Please refer to the recall notice for a complete list of affected products.

Food Safety Recall (France): COOP-SAVEURS Aurélien recalls Steak haché / Ground steak (Produced and sold 04/06/2021) due to Salmonella contamination.

Food Safety Recall (France): LES SALAISONS REGIONALES recalls Jambon traditionnel “Le Père Champain” / Traditional ham (Sold by the slice; Lots 21122 & 21223; Use by 15/07/2021 & 22/07/2021, respectively) due to Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Food Safety Recall (France): MORINA INTERMARCHE recalls Intermarché brand AILE DE POULET MARINÉE / Marinated chicken wings (Lot #1221005; Use by 04/06/2021) due to Salmonella contamination.

Food Safety Recall (Germany): NV Snack Food Poco Loco recalls Feurich Salsa Dip Käse / Cheese salsa dip (Use by 30-11-2022) due to foreign matter (glass splinters) contamination.

Food Safety Recall (Netherlands): UDEA recalls Organic Groentesap IDO Greens Come True / Organic vegetable juice (Best before 01-07-2021) due to foreign matter (plastic splinters) contamination.

Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands

Allergy Alert (Hong Kong): Industry recalls certain prepackaged dried mushrooms imported from Japan and from China due to undeclared sulphur dioxide. Please refer to the recall notice for complete details on the affected products