This one’s for Lou

This is completely off topic, and I apologize to anyone who is annoyed, bothered or disturbed.

Nevertheless, I cannot contain my excitement at the release of my latest mystery, The Gold Dragon Caper.

Phyllis Entis

Louis Lutsky was a reader.

Newspapers, mystery novels, general fiction, whatever. My Dad read them.

It was Dad who read bedtime stories to me, over and over again, until I was old enough to read them for myself. Truth be told, I had memorized the stories long before I was able to read the words. Dad used to ‘accidentally’ skip a sentence or a page, and would laugh when I corrected him.

It was Dad who drilled me in my weekly spelling homework. His pronunciation was sometimes challenging, resulting in my shedding a few tears as I insisted on spelling ‘study’ the way he pronounced it. At last, exasperated, he corrected me. “Steady,” he said, “S-T-U-D-Y.” I believe he treasured the gold stars I received in my weekly spelling quizzes even more than I did.

It is only fitting, therefore, that I release my new novel on what would have…

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