The Last Post

The Foodbuglady is moving on.

When I began writing eFoodAlert a little more than five years ago, my aim was to provide consumers around the world with current and comprehensive information on food recalls, food-borne disease outbreaks, and food safety issues. In 2008, reliable food safety blog sites were rarer than Salmonella-free chicken.

In the last five years, I have witnessed a heartening increase in the quantity, quality and accessibility of accurate food safety news and information. Food Safety News is an excellent source of information for the USA and Canada, and also covers major international stories; Le blog d’Albert Amgar provides a high calibre of information and commentary on France’s food safety scene; il fatto alimentare does the same for Italy.

I have made many ‘virtual friends’ via eFoodAlert, and I very much appreciate your support and comments over the years. I shall keep the eFoodAlert site operational, at least for the time being, so that anyone who wishes to do so can access the archives.

With my best wishes and sincere thanks,

Phyllis (aka Foodbuglady)

P.S. Please come and visit me at Prompt Prose and share my foray into creative writing.


49 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. A final word from the foodbuglady.

    A great, big THANK YOU to everyone who was kind enough to email me directly or to leave a comment, and to all my readers around the world who helped to make eFoodAlert a success.

    I have now closed eFoodAlert to new comments.

    I hope to see some of you at Prompt Prose (

    Warm wishes,



    1. Jeez Phyllis! I sure am going to miss you!

      Would you mind awfully if we spoke at some point? I would like some guidance from you – on one topic in particular.

      I feel at a loss at times how to handle “all of this”, there are so few people handling the pet food safety side of things – it is overwhelming at times, not often, but at times. I can understand the desire to make a change – I suppose I will do the same at some point, perhaps when there are more people doing what I do. For now, I feel deeply committed, if even at times I feel I should be committed. Continuing this work without financial support is truly a cause one must feel driven to do.

      I so admired your ability to keep track of such a volume of information – from all over the world no less!

      How did you do it? It is/was quite an accomplishment especially for someone who was doing this all on your own. You are truly a remarkable woman.

      Thank you for all that you did. The void you leave will be felt.




  2. Letter From The Editor: Saluting barfblog and eFoodAlert
    By Dan Flynn | April 7, 2013

    And the possibility of losing barfblog is not the only loss for the food safety community.

    Phyllis Entis, who was on our media list of food safety leaders, has opted to terminate eFoodAlert, her 5-year old digest of food recalls, foodborne disease outbreaks and food safety issues. The loss of her blog is another very significant development for the world of food safety.

    Entis, who worked for both government and industry for 35 years as a food safety microbiologist, turned eFoodAlert into a world news source by running down every reliable source she could for the recall and outbreak news of the day.

    Food Safety News had come to rely on eFoodAlert in a number of ways, and we were pleased to have Phyllis as one of our contributing writers, which we hope she will continue from time to time.

    But, eFoodAlert came to an end March 31 so after four decades of food safety, so Phyllis can pursue her passion for creative writing. And with no change in her work ethic, she began Prompt Prose, the very next day on April 1. We thought for a moment that she had cooked up an April Fool’s joke, but no.

    P.S. In “The Last Post” she wrote for eFoodAlert, Phyllis was kind enough to recognize Food Safety News as an “excellent source” that did not exist when she started eFoodAlert. We are working to take up some of the slack left by the termination of her fine work. Readers can look forward to seeing these changes in the days ahead.


  3. Dear Phyllis,
    I guess this is the “one door closes and another opens” time for you. I thank you for all your help, when I almost lost my dog over the Chinese dried chicken treats. The support from you and Mollie was so very encouraging and helpful to me and my little dog. All the best always!
    Thank you,
    Judy in Philly


  4. I am so sorry to see you go, you have provided to us such a tremendous gift of important information and it breaks my heart. =(

    Thank You so much for all you have done for us, I am sure it took quite a huge amount of time and sacrifice because you did such an excellent and thorough job. I wish you nothing but the best for your future endeavors, no matter what you do I know you will succeed.



  5. thank you, Phyllis and Quintzy — and yes, I do enjoy prompt prose selections–but I’ll miss the daily updateson our increasingly contaminated world (got a lot of friends in the food business) take care and God bless


  6. I understand your decision; I recently did the same thing with my Hidden Corn blog.

    Thank you so much for the work you’ve done and for directing us towards other resources.

    Have fun with your new endeavor!!


  7. Phyllis! What will we do without you? There are so few people who do what you do as well and as wonderfully as you. You brought food safety reporting to a new level, one that we all aspired to. The contribution you made was incalculable. And to me, personally, you were a kind, warm and thoughtful woman who helped me navigate the pet food safety waters. I shall miss you. The world will miss you. I wish you joy in your new life and the peace that I hope will come with being away from the daily drama of food safety issues. Bless you, Phyllis.


  8. Thanks for your years of attention to this important topic. When I began paying attention to it in the summer of 2009, I quickly learned the you could be trusted to have done your homework carefully.

    Of all of the food safety advocates I’ve run across, you are the one most dedicated to understanding and reporting the whole story and only then providing the appropriate analysis. I hope that someone will be inspired to fill the void you have left so well that you will admire her/his work.

    Had it not been for you, I would probably have never understood how inadequate the FDA’s Shell Egg Rule is nor how egg producers and regulators in the UK and Denmark had joined together to drastically reduce SE in shell egg. I also would not have understood how stunningly the self-styled “consumer groups,” particularly CSPI, misled the press and the public during the 2010 Wright County Egg outbreak true background of the new rule and its inadequacy.

    I ask that you make one more post of all of the wonderful art your husband has created to support your efforts. I would love to see them all together. I hate to think I might have missed one.

    Best wishes in all of your new endeavors.


  9. Thank you so much for all of the work you put into these updates! They really helped my family and friends to be food and product safe! Best wishes on your next chapter.


  10. Merci pour le magnifique travail que vous avez fait. Désolé de ne plus voir votre sourire chaque jour …


  11. Thank you so much for the information. Your site has become my habit every morning before i start my work. Its so sad that part of my routine will be gone… Again, thank you and best of luck to you


  12. OH NOOOOOOO! YES, YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED. I ALWAYS open your emails. Now where do we go? However, THANK YOU for ALL you’ve done for us. Only the best to you. And, THANK YOU, AGAIN and AGAIN.


  13. Wow!
    Liked your blog summary more than any other websites for food safety and allergies.

    Mom of 5 year old w nut and tree nut

    Will miss you!


  14. You will be greatly missed ! Thank you for all of the info in the past years and good luck with any future endeavers ! Never think this wasn’t very much appreciated , you have saved a lot of us and our pets from many illnesses.


  15. Dear Phyliss,
    I will miss your very special presence, and health preserving, life-saving information so very much. Thank you for your great service to us all!
    I wish you happiness and continued success always.


  16. Will miss, the eFoodAlert &foodbuglady, always lookedfor thenew alerts. Good luck with your writing, look forward to reading more stories.Miss you both. Chag Sameach. Love, Linda



  17. I wish you the best in your new endeavors! However, you will be very much missed my myself and so many others!!! You helped me feel safer in this unpredictable world that we live in. Thanks for your terrific work through the years and thanks for keeping the site available too.


  18. I too am so very sorry to see you go, Phyllis but so very grateful for the important and life saving information you provided!!!!!!

    Wishing you the very best and may you find peace and happiness with your Prompt Prose which I will be sure to visit


  19. Awww Cuzzie. You sure have made a lot of fans who will miss your fine work. I’m sure glad you’re keeping the Prompt Prose going. As much as your valuable work will be missed, Prompt Prose gives your readers some good insight to the person behind the Food Bug Lady.


  20. Holy smoke – you will be missed by all – human & furry kids. Wishing you the very best and thank you for all the info you have given us to keep us safe. Big hugs.


  21. Your reports will be missed, Phyllis!!! Thank you for all of your hard work in keeping us all informed. Best wishes for wherever the future takes you. Your promp prose is testament to your fine writing skills, but your investigating skills in keeping us posted on food recalls all over the world can not be duplicated.


  22. Thank you for all the efforts you put into this – your posts have been invaluable and I’m saddened that you are ceasing your operation. Good luck in your new endeavor!


  23. With gratitude for all your time, effort, and devotion to food safety and the safety of humankind. You will be missed!


  24. This is Simone Hertzberger, chief editor of the Dutch Fod Safety Newsletter. I really enjoy your efoodalert side and I am sorry to hear you will stop. I have no time for prompt prose so I will really miss your clear messages and information. I wish you all the best and a warm thank you for your work.


  25. Oh, my. I was only subscribed to this for a short time and it has helped me more than you might imagine. Thank you for providing this service. I understand the need for change and I wish you well.


  26. I am a recent subscriber who will miss your excellent site very much. The time you took from your personal life must be considerable. Thank you for sharing your excellent research and observations with so many of us.


  27. Wow what made you decide to to this?

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    This electronic transmission is intended for the addressee or entity indicated above. It may contain information that is privileged, confidential, or otherwise protected from disclosure. Any review, dissemination or use of this transmission or its contents by persons other than the addressee is prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, we respectfully request that you notify us immediately and erase all copies of this transmission. Thank you. P Please only print this email if necessary. Thank you!


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