Recalls and Alerts: September 20, 2012

Here is today’s list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals, allergy alerts and miscellaneous compliance issues. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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United States

  • Food Safety Recall: GHSW, LLC (Houston, TX) recalls expired products that contain cut mangoes sourced by Food Source from Agricola Daniella (Code dates from 9/7/12 to 9/15/12), because the mangoes may be contaminated with Salmonella. The recalled products were shipped to retail distribution centers August 29 – September 5, 2012, and sold through retailers in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas under the Garden Highway and Signature Café brands, and as generic products. Please refer to the Salmonella Braenderup – Mango tab for a list of recalled products and retail distribution information.
  • Food Safety Alert: Forever Cheese has decided to stop importing and selling all products manufactured by Fattorie Chiarappa Srl (Conversano, Italy), effective immediately, including Ricotta Salata Frescolina, Marte brand Roasted Ricotta and Hard Ricotta Salata. Forever Cheese has taken the action due to possible contamination of Marte brand Frescolina Ricotta Salata cheese with Listeria monocytogenes. Fattorie Chiarappa Srl was placed on Import Alert by FDA on September 13, 2012.
  • Food Safety Recall: Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. Inc. recalls fresh-cut mangoes (32-oz clear plastic bowls; Best by 9/18/12 and 9/22/12; lot codes 05252101 and 03256100, respectively), because the product contains mangoes from Agricola Daniella and may be contaminated with Salmonella. The recalled product was distributed to retailers in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Washington.
  • Outbreak Alert: CDC reports that a total of 196 persons in 31 states have been infected with Salmonella Sandiego, Salmonella Pomona and Salmonella Poona since August 3, 2011 as a result of exposure to small pet turtles or their environments.


  • Allergy Alert: The Poultry Place (Saint Jacobs, ON) recalls Krispy Chicken Wings (2 lb; Best before up to and including 13MR11), due to the presence of undeclared egg, and Marinated Chicken Wings (2 lb & 3 lb; Best before up to and including 13MR11), due to the presence of undeclared wheat. The recalled products were distributed in Ontario.
  • Food Safety Recall: XL Foods expands its earlier recall of ground beef products to include additional products supplied to Sobeys/IGA, Presto, Club Entrepot and CO-OP, because the products may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. Please refer to the Canada/USA Ground Beef Recall tab for a detailed list of recalled products and affected retailers.


Australia and New Zealand

  • Allergy Alert (New Zealand): Blue River Dairy LP recalls Milk Maid’s Vanilla Sheep Milk Ice-Cream (850ml tubs) after discovering that the product has been incorrectly labeled. The label states that the product is Allergy Tolerant, Lactose & Dairy Friendly, which could be incorrectly interpreted to mean that the product is lactose and dairy free.

Some supermarket chains post recall notices on their web sites for the convenience of customers. To see whether a recalled food was carried by your favorite supermarket, follow the live link to the supermarket’s recall web site.

*The Kroger umbrella encompasses numerous supermarket, marketplace and convenience store chains, listed on the Kroger corporate home page.
**Includes Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Carrs and Pak N’ Save.

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