California Investigating Salmonella Braenderup Outbreak

The California Department of Public Health has taken the lead in the investigation of approximately 90 cases of Salmonella Braenderup infections in the USA. Seventy-three of those cases are within California.

All of the cases involve the same outbreak strain of Salmonella Braenderup that has caused at least 22 cases of salmonellosis in Canada. The Canadian cases are linked to consumption of Daniella brand Mangoes, imported from Mexico. About two-thirds of the California outbreak victims reported mango consumption, although specific mango brands or sources have not yet been identified in the US outbreak.

On August 24th, North American Produce Sales (Vancouver, BC) – the Canadian importer of the implicated mangoes – recalled all Daniella brand Mangoes sold at retail stores in Canada from July 12th to August 14, 2012. And earlier today, both Stop & Shop and Giant Foods LLC alerted their customers that Splendid Products (Burlingame, CA) has voluntarily recalled these mangoes.

Neither the California Department of Public Health nor the CDC is prepared to list the other states that have reported outbreak cases at this time. CDC spokesperson Lola Russell told eFoodAlert by email that the outbreak is “under investigation.”

4 thoughts on “California Investigating Salmonella Braenderup Outbreak

  1. I have 5 large mangoes from Mexico that have the #4959 code. I bought them at Walmart in Southern California. They are not on the list of stores so far. At this point I am afraid to eat them because the investigation has just started. It sometimes takes a week to locate all the sources of suspect fruit.


  2. I’m wondering if this includes the fruit juice made from mangos. How would anyone know if the fruit that goes into making any kind of juice is contaminated or not?


    1. If the juice that contains mango is pasteurized, there should be no problem. I would worry about freshly made smoothies and other fresh items that contain mango (be careful of mixed fruit salad at salad bars, for example.


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