Excedrin & Interceptor – Back By Mid-Year?

Novartis has restarted manufacturing some products at its Lincoln, Nebraska facility. But the popular Excedrin OTC meds, and veterinary products such as Interceptor, are not yet in production.

According to a recent article in the Lincoln Journal Star, production of Opana tablets and morphine sulfate extended released has resumed. Novartis manufactures these, and other, prescription medicines under contract for Endo Pharmaceuticals.

As devotees of Excedrin and Interceptor (a veterinary medication used to prevent heartworm in dogs and cats) know, waiting for these products to return to market has been an exercise in patience.

And trying to find out when Novartis might resume production of these meds is an exercise in frustration.

On January 8, 2012 Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. recalled all lots of Excedrin, NoDoz, and other OTC products manufactured at its Lincoln, Nebraska production facility, and announced that it was suspending operations at the facility in order to “accelerate maintenance and other improvements” at the Lincoln operation. The shutdown affected the availability of a number of other human and animal meds that were produced in Lincoln, including the popular Interceptor heartworm preventative.

The recall and plant shutdown coincided with a scathing inspection report released by FDA in January. The report detailed numerous significant quality control problems at the Lincoln plant – many of them repeat observations first noted during earlier inspections.

Novartis has been close-mouthed about its timeframe for restarting production in Lincoln. According to a Novartis news release, the company told shareholders during its February 23rd Annual General Meeting that it was assuming a “…mid-year start of shipments out of the Lincoln plant.” But, two sentences later, the news release alluded to the possibility of a delayed start-up of Lincoln.

The only other clue to the start-up timeline comes from a March 16th letter to veterinarians, reported by the VIN News Service. In that letter, Novartis is reported to have acknowledged “a backorder situation” resulting from the Lincoln shutdown, affecting the popular veterinary products Interceptor Flavor Tabs and Sentinal Flavor Tabs. According to the VIN report, veterinarians were told that exact timelines for product availability remained uncertain. “We hope,” the Novartis letter is quoted as saying, “to be able to give you a definitive date for a restart within the next few weeks.”

On March 22nd, I sent a request for information by email to the Novartis recall email address, asking for any available information regarding the status of the Lincoln facility. On April 10th, I received a reply from Novartis Consumer Health spokesperson, Millicent Brooks. “In response to your inquiry,” she wrote, “we are working hard to resume production at our Lincoln facility and return OTC and Animal Health products, including Excedrin and Interceptor, to consumers as soon as possible.”

Some Excedrin users have reported purchasing the product on eBay. I would strongly advise against this option. There is no way of knowing whether the product being offered is authentic, or whether it has been stored under proper conditions.

Novartis will be releasing its next quarterly report to shareholders on April 24th. Let’s hope that the report will include an update on the Lincoln status, and that the news will be good.

8 thoughts on “Excedrin & Interceptor – Back By Mid-Year?

  1. Why aren¬the we getting direct information from the manufacturer on dates when excedrin tablets and interceptor tablets be available? Generics do not work as well. Interceptor controls whipworms in dogs. I have not found another heartworm pill that does


  2. Just took my fogs to the Vet yesterday, 7/15/12, for rabies shots. I was told by the Vet at Banfield. Animal center that Interceptor will no longer be available in pill form! Only in an injection to be given by a Vet monthly. In its place I got them Worm Shield which is Ban fields in house Med.
    I have been unable to confirm any of this info, thought maybe you had.
    The Worm Shield has the same active ingrediants as the interceptor so.I felt OK to give them that.
    Looking forward to your reply.



  3. No one has mentioned that Interceptor keeps Whip Worm in check. Very difficult to detect and almost impossible to eradicate.


  4. I have noticed lots of headache tablets claiming to be migraine remedies and they are really only just ibuprofen or aspirin. The substitute for Excedrin migraine I bought claimed to have the same ingredients. However, the giveaway was when I received it, the product could be taken much more frequently and any pain relief properties were non-existent. Whatever inspectors saw at the Excedrin plant that they didn’t like, I hope they are happy that they are making scads of folks absolutely miserable. After suffering with daily migraines for months, I went to my doctor out of desperation. He gave me a migraine prevention pill. Now I am sick all the time. Who knows if the sick is from the RX or the out of control migraines? I am going to keep emailing Excedrin and hope someone there has a heart. They are the only ones who know how to combine the ingredients so they work.


    1. I have been everywhere trying to locate ANY Excedrins, travel packs mainly, all are gone. There are a ton of us who are “die-hard” believers in Excedrin taking away our pain cause it does. So, what is the problem??? Are they not going to put it back on the shelves? I wonder? Guess we will have to wait and see and hope for the best.


  5. I have to take aspirin free excedrin because my stomach is sensitive to aspirin. I pray it will be back on the shelves real soon.


  6. There is something fishy about this Excedrin recall story. Over the past YEAR or TWO, Excedrin has slowly been disappearing from the shelves. Why in GENERAL did they, perhaps long ago, decide to stop production?

    Bayer aspirin has all of a sudden burgeoned on the store shelves in place of Excedrin. How could this happen so quickly if the recall is only temporary? Incidentally, I’ve found and have heard several people say Bayer DOES NOT WORK AS WELL AS EXCEDRIN.


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