Recalls and Alerts: March 2, 2012

Here is today’s list of food safety recalls, product withdrawals, allergy alerts and miscellaneous compliance issues. The live links will take you directly to the official recall notices and company news releases that contain detailed information for each recall and alert.

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United States


  • Food Safety Recall: Glatt’s Kosher Meat Products (Montreal, QC) recalls Glatt’s Beef Frankfurters Jumbo BBQ (375g packages; UPC 0 55627 00203 6; Best Before date of 12AL21), because the product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The recalled Beef Frankfurters were distributed in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Food Safety Recall: Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel Inc. recalls La Belle Bretagne brand Our Cooked Ham – Original (Variable kg; Best before 12AL14 or 12AL21), La Belle Bretagne brand Sliced Cooked Ham (Variable kg; Best before 12AL01), La Belle Bretagne brand Our Cooked Ham – Original Sliced (175g; Best before 12MR30), Tour Eiffel Cooked Ham – Extra Lean (Variable kg; Lot 271), Tour Eiffel Parisian Cooked Ham (175g; Best before 12MR31), Tour Eiffel Shaved Parisian Cooked Ham (175g and 400g; Best before 12MR20 or 12MR21), and Tour Eiffel Chopped Cooked Ham (400g; Best before 12MR16), due to contamination with Clostridium perfringens. The recalled products were supplied to retailers, and to hotels, restaurants, and institutions in Quebec.


  • Food Safety Withdrawal (UK): B&M Sausages withdraws the following meat products in Scotland, due to inadequate disinfection of food contact surfaces between raw and ready-to-eat foods, resulting in potential cross-contamination with pathogenic bacteria: Wiejka Sausage, Szynka Poledwica, Boczek Rdowany, Zwyczajna, Firmova, Szynkowa, Kabanos, Schab Rolonkiny, Krakowska, Biala, Przysmak Swietokrzyski, Parowkova, Pasztetowa, Frankfurterki, Salceson, Zeberka Wedzone, Boczek, Kaszanka, Blgosowka, Rolada Pieczen, Karczek Pieczony, and Boczek Pieczony (produced up to and including 1 March 2012).
  • Dietary Supplement Safety Recall (Spain): AEMPS mandates the recall of L-5HTP (60 capsules; 1000mg/capsule), because the product contains the unauthorized active ingredient L-5 hydroxytriptophan
  • Outbreak Alert (UK): The Royal Lancaster Infirmary (Lancashire) has banned visitors from nine wards in an effort to contain an outbreak of norovirus at the hospital.
  • Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0319): Shigatoxin-producing Escherichia coli in onion mettwurst sausage from Germany; distributed to Germany.
  • Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0320): Cadmium in frozen ribbonfish from India; distributed to Italy.
  • Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0321): Dicofol and oxamyl in green beans from Morocco, via Spain; distributed to Germany.
  • Allergy Alert Notification (EU #2012.0322): Undeclared milk ingredient in dark chocolate spread from Belgium; distributed to Andorra, France and Spain.

Australia and New Zealand

  • Allergy Alert (Australia): The Reject Shop Ltd. recalls Snack Stacks Potato Crisps Barbeque (160g cardboard tube; Product of China; All best before dates up to and including 20/02/2012), due to the presence of undeclared whey, a milk protein. The recalled product was sold in The Reject Shop retail stores across Australia.
  • Food Safety Recall (New Zealand): Vitaco Health (NZ) Limited recalls Healtheries Kidscare Rice Wheels-Cheese-Sour Cream & Chives-Burger (All pack sizes; All Best before dates up to and including 24/11/12) and Healtheries Wiggles Ricey Bites-Cheese-Tomato (All pack sizes; All Best before dates up to and including 24/11/12), due to possible contamination with glass particles. The recalled products were sold in Supermarkets and Health Stores across New Zealand.
  • Food Safety Recall (Australia): Vitaco Health Australia recalls Healtheries Kidscare Rice Wheels Roast Chicken (10 x 18g packets; Best before dates up to and including 4/01/13), Healtheries Kidscare Rice Wheels Burger (10 x 18g packets; Best before dates up to and including 4/01/13), Healtheries Kidscare Rice Wheels Cheese (10 x 18g packets; Best before dates up to and including 4/01/13) and Healtheries Wiggles Ricey Bites Cheese (8 x 15g packets; Best before dates up to and including 4/01/13), due to contamination with foreign matter (glass). The recalled products were imported from Indonesia and sold online and nationally at Coles, Woolworths, Safeway, The Reject Shop, IGA and other independent supermarkets.
  • Outbreak Alert (New Zealand): At least 19 cases of hepatitis A infections have been confirmed in Auckland, including a cluster of cases involving school-age children. The source of the outbreak is unknown.

Some supermarket chains post recall notices on their web sites for the convenience of customers. To see whether a recalled food was carried by your favorite supermarket, follow the live link to the supermarket’s recall web site.

*The Kroger umbrella encompasses numerous supermarket, marketplace and convenience store chains, listed on the Kroger corporate home page.
**Includes Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Carrs and Pak N’ Save.

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