In My Opinion

The following list represents a selection of my favorite editorials and rants. If there are any others that you think should be included in this list, please send me your suggestion by email or post a comment below.

December 23, 2007:- Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

June 13, 2008:- Organic Pastures, Happy Cows & E. coli O157:H7

September 3, 2008:- **US Mandates Food Irradiation**

November 17, 2008:- Food Safety Deserves Seat At Presidential Table

December 21, 2008:- Food Safety: Perpetual Policy Orphan

November 17, 2009:- I Should Have Voted For Hillary

November 20, 2009:- Ron Paul Is Right!

May 31, 2010:- Temperance, Tea Parties, and Raw Milk

August 8, 2011:- Doing Away With Food Safety Enforcement – A Modest Proposal

September 25, 2011:- Why?

September 25, 2011:- Some Tips For The Tea Party

October 22, 2011:- FDA’s – And Obama’s – Broken Promises

February 19, 2012:- FDA and Stealth Recalls

May 30, 2012:- Why Contaminated Pet Food Matters

July 25, 2012:- Government Transparency – An Oxymoron

August 14, 2012:- Canada Moves To Streamline Food Inspection System

September 27, 2012:- “It’s Not Our Job!”

May 30, 2017:- Death by a Thousand Cuts


6 thoughts on “In My Opinion

  1. Often times people get caught up in the branding and then never realize that the same thing sits a few spaces to right or left of the medication you are taking. In the case of Excedrin, I think the USA handling of this situation by a large company is not an indication that they can be trusted again very easily. Drugs and Medicine are a touchy subject with some people. My headaches are spinal degeneration related but pain is pain. There exists a compound that is very close to Excedrin and it is called Equate. I am dealing with that so far and composition wise it is not that different from Excedrin.
    Perhaps you should give this a try. Just a suggestion.


  2. I have been using Excedrin for headaches as long as I can remember and that is a long, long, long time–45 yrs at least. I get migraines that knock me off my feet and send me to bed but 3-4 Excedrin and a frozen gel pack on my head help. Many years ago my doctor told me that I would be good for an Excedrin commercial. When Excedrin Migraine came out I bought a bottle and it worked better than regular Excedrin. THEN…one day when I was getting my meds my pharmacist asked me if I was ok. I said, “Yes, but I have one heck of a headache.” He told me that he was going to make something up for me to try and let him know how/if it worked. My pharmacist is a compounding pharmacist. It is a magnesium/riboflavin/glycinate compound. When I was ready to take the 3rd one the next morning my headache was almost gone! I couldn’t believe it. I still take the magnesium/ribo capsule but need Excedrin, too. The “wonder pill”, as I call it, because I have been to a headache clinic all they gave me was Imetrex (sp?). It didn’t help but EXCEDRIN & MAGNESIUM/RIBOFLAVIN HELP. I still take the MAGNESIUM/RIBOFLAVIN capsule but NEED EXCEDRIN, too. WHEN, OH, WHEN AM I GOING TO SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL NAME ON THE SHELF AGAIN?????


    1. Our neuro mechanisms don’t all function the same, but I, too, depend Excedrin Tension. I have spinal issues that result in neck and skull pain that is only resolvable by medication. I don’t like prescription pain killers and massage or physical therapy don’t help, but seem to make it worse. My pharmasist recommended acetaminophen and 1/4th of a caffine tabet. It helps, but not as well. Excedrin Tension has 60mg. of caffine. When I cut the 200mg. caffine tablet into 4ths the result is slightly less than 50mg because of the slicing. That 10+mg makes a difference. I am truly looking forward to Excedrin Tension returning to the shelf.


  3. Well from anything I have read on the Internet, there does not seem to be any projected date of return. I find that pulling all the stuff from the shelves at one time is either a ploy to up prices on the return or the end of a failing company that does not want to mention this. I have already purchased another brand called Equate which for the basic stuff has the same combination. I do not know who makes Equate but if it does the same thing so be it. Excedrin can also loose market share by pulling this just because a few pills got mixed up together with some others. This seems lame. Who takes two pills out of a bottle without looking at them?


  4. when is the Excedrine coated green and white tables be back on in stores bits the best medicine for migranes


  5. I use excedrin all the time and have never had a problem. They should take Tylenol off the market as it never seems to work at any time for me. Yet that crap remains. Let’s get the problem fixed and get the product on the shelves- I don’t want to buying excedrin on the black market!


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