Guest Blogs

Salmonella’s Not an Adulterant? – by Bill Marler

Does The “No Illnesses” Language Belong In Recall Notices? – by Dan Flynn

Going Public The FDA Way – by Douglas Powell

Going Beyond Legal – by Neville McNaughton

Risk-Free Eating In The EU: It’s Promise Time – by Albert Amgar

In Defense of Food Safety Leadership – by Nancy Donley

Safe Employees = Safe Food – by Bill Marler

It was a Product Pull – by Susan Thixton

Dealing in Death – Cantaloupes and Listeria by Bill Marler

Phage Therapy – The Other Antibiotic Treatment by G.W. (Bill) Riedel, PhD, MCIC

Salmonella and Raw Meat: A European Tale by Albert Amgar

Eggs By The Millions by Albert Amgar

Why Walmart Has It Right by Dr. James Marsden

Raw Milk Wars – An Attorney’s Viewpoint by R. Drew Falkenstein

Reducing E. coli O157:H7 in Frozen Ground Beef by Dr. James Marsden

Ten Things Government Can Do by Dr. James Marsden

The Raw Milk Debate by Dr. Catherine Donnelly

Solving The E. coli Problem – The Cantaloupe Theory by Dr. James Marsden

Listeria monocytogenes and Food Processing Equipment, 1/3 by Albert Amgar

Listeria monocytogenes and Food Processing Equipment, 2/3 by Albert Amgar

Listeria monocytogenes and Food Processing Equipment, 3/3 by Albert Amgar

13 thoughts on “Guest Blogs

  1. In need of excedrin migrain its the only medication that works for me i have had prescribed migrain medication it dosent work when will this problem be fixed.


  2. when do they plan on bringing back excedrin to the stores? I use migraine by excedrin, and I am out, and need it. I feel that it has been several months, they should have the problem straightened out by now


  3. I recently ordered pureed food from Blossom Foods for my mother who has advanced Alzheimers. Thinking this was the answer to my prayers. I have my mother in my home and between taking care of her daily needs wanted a way to give her healthy pureed foods. As I was reading about Blossom Foods on the intertnet today I saw where there was a recall on their chicken 5oz. cup products. Is there a “severe risk” if I feed this product to my mother which I won’t do until I hear from someone. The only food allergy that my mother has is to shell fish. I have some of this product and have tried to reach the company. I know that it is a “holiday” so to speak, but I really would like to know how to handle this situation.
    Thank you, Donna


  4. I bought a cantaloupe called King Crow grown in the USA. There is no mention of the grower. How can a consumer know who the grower is from this information?


  5. Any word on what supermarkets in NY did carry Rocky Ford cantaloupes? We now know which ones didn’t but still don’t know which supermarkets did.


    1. Aldi, which operates in the eastern half of the US, carried the recalled cantaloupes. Whole Foods and Walmart both carried them in some of there stores, but have NOT posted recall info as of this morning (Sept 21st). I have been monitoring state and supermarket web sites, and have not seen any other New York distribution info. I am updating the cantaloupe recall post when new recall info becomes available, but haven’t had anything new to add in the last few days.

      Thanks for visiting.



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