Excedrin Is Back; No Sign of Interceptor

Novartis announced today that it has relaunched three of the over-the-counter medications that disappeared from circulation when the company was forced to suspend operations at its Lincoln, Nebraska manufacturing facility.

Excedrin Migraine, Triaminic and Lamisil were relaunched in mid-October, according to the company’s quarterly report presentation. Excedrin Extra Strength is expected to follow in January. Due to continued delays in bringing the Lincoln facility fully on-line, the manufacture of these products has been contracted out to a third party.

The Lincoln plant was idled last January after FDA observed numerous violations – many of them repeat violations – during a reinspection of the manufacturing facility. The company has been working with FDA to correct the violations and, gradually, resume full production. But progress, according to company management, has been slower than expected.

Pet owners will be disappointed to learn that Interceptor – a popular heartworm prophylactic for dogs and cats that also was manufactured in Lincoln – did not even rate a mention during the company’s quarterly conference call with investors and analysts. There is no indication of when, or whether, this product will return to the market.


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