Costco, Other Retailers, Recall Mexican Mangos

Readers of eFoodAlert are reporting having been contacted by Costco with instructions to discard or return mangos that may be linked to more than 100 cases of Salmonella Braenderup infections in the USA and Canada.

Other similar reports are popping up on social media websites, including Facebook.

Several other retailers have already posted or released recall notices, including: Bi-Lo, Copps, Giant Food, Mariano’s, Martin’s Food Market, Metro Market, Pick ‘n Save, Rainbow, Stop & Shop and TOP Food & Drug. Other retailers will, no doubt, chime in during the next few days. Please monitor the “Salmonella Braenderup – Mango tab at the top of the eFoodAlert page for updates to this list.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed 22 cases of Salmonella Braenderup infections in British Columbia (17) and Alberta (5), and has linked the illnesses to Daniella brand mangoes imported from Mexico. Two Canadian importers of the mangos have recalled the implicated fruit. In addition, one supplier of cut fruit to the hotel/restaurant/institution market recalled GFS brand Sliced Mangos on August 24th.

The US outbreak investigation has been led by the California Department of Public Health, which has confirmed 73 cases in that state. According to an Outbreak Investigation Report released this morning by FDA, there have been 101 cases of Salmonella Braenderup outbreak strain across the USA.  While mangos have been identified as the likely source of this outbreak, FDA has not yet determined the source of the mangos that may be linked to US cases.

Neither FDA nor California have released a list of affected states; however, eFoodAlert has learned that infections caused by the outbreak strain of Salmonella Braenderup also have been confirmed in Oregon (1), Washington (6), Texas (2) and New York (3).

CDC has not yet released its own Outbreak Investigation Report, but work on the report is underway, according to agency spokesperson Lola Russell.

The Public Health Agency of Canada offers the following advice to consumers:

  • Check to see if you have any of the recalled mangoes in your home. If you have mangoes, but aren’t certain if they are part of the recall, check with the store where they were purchased.
  • If you have the product, do not eat it. Secure it in a plastic bag and throw it out. Then wash your hands thoroughly in warm soapy water.

Finally, a request to eFoodAlert readers:

If you have received a recall notice by email or telephone from any retailer not yet mentioned on the recall list, please post a comment below, so that the information can be shared with other readers. Please include the name of the retailer and the city and state where the store is located.

6 thoughts on “Costco, Other Retailers, Recall Mexican Mangos

  1. I purchased a case of mangos in late July for my workmen. 2 of 4 became very sick that night. One went to emergency and the other remained sick with fever and chills for a long time. I went with them to Costco to file a report which we did but the only thing they actually offered was a refund! What recourse to these guys have? They have medical bills and were both extremely sick.


  2. About 12 days ago, I fell ill to a mystery illness that started with three days of a fever of 103.5, uncontrollable chills (even though the temperature in Southern California was 102 degrees), an intense bone splitting headache, coupled with an achey abdomen. I spent 3 days in my bathtub trying to reduce the fever because Advil had absolutely no effect. Two days prior to my illness, I ate 2 mangos that were purchased at the Westlake Village, California Costco for breakfast. On day four my fever finally fell to 101.5, and although the headache was still present, it had lost about 30% of its intensity. I still am not feeling 100%, and last evening received anautomated call from Costco that stated that their records showed I had purchased Daniela mangos at their store and that they were being recalled for Salmonella infection. I went immediately to my produce drawer and found a leftover Mango with the PLU code of 4959. My mother also ingested the mangos, and has been ill for the last 7 days (with symptons that also include fever blisters in her mouth) and gastric distress. I can’t remember feeling this ill since I was a child.


    1. Kim, I suggest that you contact either FDA or the California Department of Public Health and tell them your story. These agencies are probably trying to recover the outbreak strain from a sample of the mangos (the ideal “smoking gun”) in order to link the fruit unequivocally to the outbreak. The FDA Consumer Complaint phone number for Southern California is (949) 608-3530. The number for the state is (800) 495-3232.

      Please make the call. It could save others from the hell you experienced.


  3. The mangos I purchased from Costco were consumed weeks ago. I purchased some mangos from Zehrs this week. They are green, from Mexico and have the 4959 Product # listed on the warning. Do I return these to Zehrs? I also have 2 other red mangos #3365. I ate one an hour ago prior to receiving the phone message from Costco. Hopefully it’s okay!


    1. So far, only Daniella brand mangoes have been recalled. But I firmly believe in the “when it doubt, throw it out” maxim. If you’re unsure, don’t take a chance. As for the #3365, it’s not one of the PLU numbers included in the importer/distributor’s recall notice.


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