Tracking International Distribution of Diamond Pet Foods Products

One of the most important unanswered questions regarding the Diamond Pet Foods recalls is where in the world – other than the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada – these products were sold.

As far as FDA is concerned, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide this information – FDA’s authority stops at the borders of the USA and its territories.

Information provided by eFoodAlert readers has established that recalled Taste of the Wild pet food was distributed in both France and Ireland. What else can we deduce, in the absence of any substantive information from the manufacturer (who, by the way, has not replied to my call to the company’s Media Contact telephone number)?

The Taste of the Wild web site is revealing. The Distributor Locator page lists more than 50 countries – in addition to the USA and Canada – where Taste of the Wild is distributed. In most cases, the name of the distributor is given, together with contact information (address and telephone number).

My correspondent in Ireland reported having purchased a recalled lot of Taste of the Wild from, a company with headquarters in Germany. Zooplus describes itself as “Europe’s leading and largest online pet supplies retailer,” with a presence across 18 European countries, some of which do not appear on the Taste of the Wild Distributor Locator web page.

While there is no way of confirming (at least until Diamond Pet Foods or FDA releases the overseas distribution information) that a recalled batch of pet food was available for sale in each of the listed countries, consumers in the following countries should pay special attention to the production code and “Best by date” information on the packages of Taste of the Wild dry dog and cat food that they are offering to their pets. Where available, this list indicates the name of the distributor, or retailer where recalled pet food may have been sold.

Possible international distribution list for Taste of the Wild dry pet food

  • Aruba: Romar Trading Company
  • Austria: (serviced from Germany)
  • Australia: Animal Tuckerbox Warehouse
  • Bahamas: Modernistic Garden & Pet Supply
  • Balearic Islands:
  • Belgium: Zooplus
  • Bulgaria: Blue Sky Commerce LTD
  • Canada: Multiple wholesalers and retailers
  • Chile
  • China (Hong Kong): Profit Net Trading Limited
  • Colombia: Jaramillo Pets y CIA S.C.A.
  • Costa Rica: Yanyunis Inc. SA
  • Croatia: Marnie D.O.O.
  • Czech Republic: Hajek Pet Food and Zooplus
  • Denmark: Petcare Aps and Zooplus
  • Dominican Republic: Bravo S.A.
  • El Salvador
  • Finland: Best Friend Group OY; Musti ja Mirri Oy; and Zooplus
  • France: Sarl Nid and Zooplus
  • Georgia
  • Germany: Petcare Deutschland and Zooplus
  • Ghana: Robert Nicol
  • Greece: Cosmos Pet Supplies LTD
  • Guatemala: Importado Por Iveo S.A.
  • Hong Kong: Logic Idea Limited
  • Hungary: NutraGold Hungary Kft. and Zooplus
  • India: Natural Pet – Andriudh Gadde
  • Indonesia: Pt. Panca Metta
  • Ireland (Eire): Zooplus
  • Israel
  • Italy: Nuova Agraria SNC Di Reinerio Mauro E Guido and Zooplus
  • Jamaica: Algolmat Distributors Limited
  • Japan: Pacific Sales & Import, Inc.
  • Jordan: The Pampered Pet
  • Kazakhstan: IPMelnikov
  • Kuwait: Vision Intl. Trading Center
  • Latvia: Zooserviss Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Luxembourg: Zooplus
  • Malaysia: Gill Chal Sdn Bhd
  • Netherlands: Zooplus
  • New Zealand: Diamond Pet Holdings Ltd.
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan: Market Wiz
  • Poland: Animal Service and Zooplus
  • Portugal: Bio 2 and Zooplus
  • Romania: Vet Partner Distribution SRL
  • Singapore: Link 2 Link Asia Pacific PTE Ltd.
  • Slovakia: Zooplus
  • Slovenia: Anima Pet D.O.O. and Zooplus
  • South Korea
  • Spain: Diamond Iberica Pet Food S.L. and Zooplus
  • Sweden: Petcare AB and Zooplus
  • Switzerland: Eric Schweizer Ag and Zooplus
  • Taiwan: Partaker Enterprise Co. LTD.
  • Thailand: P. Uni-Thai Co., LTD
  • Trinidad & Tobago: P & R Pet Supplies
  • Turkey: Park Peyzaj Ve Evcil Hayvan Urunleri San. Ve Tic. LTD., STI
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates: Global Star General Trading
  • United Kingdom and Northern Ireland: Kennelpak Limited – Simon Constance and Zooplus
  • Uruguay
  • USA: Multiple wholesalers and retailers

Here are some things consumers in all of these countries can do to protect themselves, their families, and their pets from becoming statistics in this outbreak:

  • Check your supply of pet food to see whether it is affected by the recall. If it is on the recall list, either throw it away or return the unused portion to the retailer.
  • If you have handled one of the recalled products and you develop symptoms of Salmonella (stomach ache, diarrhea, etc), seek immediate medical attention and mention the possible link to pet food.
  • If your dog or cat was fed one of the recalled products and develops symptoms of gastrointestinal illness (vomiting or diarrhea), seek immediate veterinary attention. Ask your veterinarian to test your pet for Salmonella. If the test is positive, you or your veterinarian should contact FDA immediately to have the unused portion of the pet food tested.
  • Review the FDA Tips for Preventing Foodborne Illness Associated with Pet Food and Pet Treats, and follow its recommendations to keep your family and your pets safe.
  • Monitor eFoodAlert’s Diamond Pet Foods, Etc. Recalls – 2012 page. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

Above all, be aware that dogs may be infected with Salmonella – and may shed the bacteria in their stool – without showing any outward symptoms of illness. If your pet has consumed a Diamond Pet Foods dry dog food, be especially careful to wash your hands after handling the animal, and supervise closely any interaction between children and your pet.

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