The Real Pink Slime

OK. I get it. You want to have the option of choosing whether or not to buy ground beef that contains Lean Finely Textured Beef. Sorry, I meant “pink slime.”

Now, how would you like the packages of ground beef to be labeled?


May contain beef that has been treated to kill harmful bacteria? Definitely not. Sounds too healthy.

May contain ammoniated Lean Finely Textured Beef? No. Too technical sounding.

May contain ammoniated defatted finely ground beef? No. Not disgusting enough.

Guess the label should simply declare “Contains pink slime.

Now that we’ve got that issue resolved, let’s not forget the real risks hiding in those packages of ground beef and pre-formed burger patties – SalmonellaE. coli O157:H7 and other shiga-toxin producing E. coli.

E. coli O157:H7 Photo by Janice Haney Carr, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

These pathogenic bacteria are the real hazards associated with eating beef burgers. These are the culprits that maim thousands of victims annually – killing some and leaving many others to deal with life-long chronic ailments.

These are the real Pink Slime.


12 thoughts on “The Real Pink Slime

  1. Why are we even discussing whether the treatment of LFTB or “pink slime” with ammonia is why beef should be labeled and whether it is safe? Just because the slime has been treated it does nothing towards making the bulk of the beef it is added to any safer. That’s not what’s important. The reason the LFTB has to be treated such is because it is made from parts of the cow that, until this stuff was approved, was never meant for human consumption, the parts much more highly susceptible to contamination. It’s the parts that were known as the ever popular beef by products found in pet food. IOW the company that makes this stuff isn’t doing anything to make our food safer because they wouldn’t try to use these trimmings if they were. All they are doing is trying to make a bigger profit by geting humans to eat something we once fed our pets. You want the appropriate label to apply to beef containing this stuff? Try ALPO.


  2. Pink Slime is off the slaughterhouse floor,it should be in Dogfood not my food!Now its in baked goods too,what next!Wonder why Allergies ,Asthma ,Asbergers .Autism went up more than 10 fold.So Cargill is producing Pink slime,and who knows what other food additives.They make us first sick,then the Pharma arm of Cargill sells us the Pills ,to make us well!


  3. Wayne S. google “In Defense of Food Safety Leadership” written by Nancy Donley, president of STOP Foodborne Illness. She lost her only son in the 1993 E.coli outbreak and actually knows something about BPI.


  4. Meo, the food industry goes to great lengths and expense to make foods safe. They fund research to find better ways to eliminate pathogens from the food chain and will adopted interventions once they are proven safe and effective.

    Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli can contaminate most food types. Kathy, vegetarians and organics fans should not feel they are safe from food pathogens, if you check the outbreaks you will see more are related to produce than meat.
    Along with the food industries efforts it is important for us to follow proper handling and cooking procedures.

    Meo, LFTB (Pink Slime) is not needed for pathogen prevention, is a way to safely use the meat in trimmings.


  5. Boycott: “Beef Products, Inc.” Parent should stop buying it ask the store is there poison in the beef I read the back of Windex it state don’t drink and the FDA state it’s OK to fed us this Shi!. The Slim company Beef Products, Inc. should loose sale this day forward we as American can do it in about 6 month. The thought that schools have to buy can’t opt out why our tax dollar fund that school OK that day food should goto dump. Parents pack a lunch get a copy of the menu , if your child goto school and fed this poison he or she should be trained by parent to act and get sick. That school felt a law suit could happen it will opt out all 3 kids after having the beef threw up, I’m no Dr. yet I would guess thats the bodies way of saying no good. I believe we are the rats in a lab and the FDA, Medical board and some other who profit from this are testing it. The want to see will it hurt us, Really if a average American eats the slim+NH 3 at 4 to 7 time a month what will happens? lets see 2 years pass almost 90% of the US has cancer oh well we messed up. Then we have all the real rats because can’t opt out “Group A” NEWS teen have cancer. The winner new drugs, money for Hospitals and drug company fix in that part of the market. Meat should be just that yet were tested on and fed poison. what’s allowed is 1st 1920 no real talk of the cancers look it up, not today then 1970 stuffs added to what we eat and slowly that seen by the body as bad and our body make a change yet after years cancer all time hi, Obesity was it the new oil at fast foods finally after it was done a nation of fat people we were done and that made $. “Oil test works money for Government and new medicines made for it oil rats test makes billions. Recall the “sweetener” we have migraine headache new pill, Then it came out neuropsychiatric disorders, Pill including panic attacks Pills, mood changes new pill, visual hallucinations pill lock up care, manic episodes pills, and isolated dizziness pill and the FDA has not stop it. Why payments they knew it’s on the net. This experiments should stop FDA we should boycott the sale don’t buy were doing more then we need to kill ourselves, my bad if this ran dyslexic and mad that our kids will suffer bet the FDA’s big wigs house has no NH3 in the kitchen. I would like to see random looks in their shopping carts and medical companies, heck most of Congress. I ask my doctor if he’s ate any of this new beef with slim 1st tried to state vegetarian when I ask the staff caught him say NO! So he knows it’s a test in the medical journal about this test.


    1. You’re an idiot. LFTB isn’t pink, it isn’t slime, it’s pure beef, and Ammonium Hydroxide is a naturally occurring chemical that’s in many foods and even inside your body. You fell for the lies. You’re an idiot.


      1. Bobo – It is of lesser intelligence to call someone an idiot because they have an opinion that differs from your own. Grow up buddy…


  6. There are other unhealthy benefits with eating ground beef — regardless of the pink slime. I like the fact that labeling would put awareness behind the crap that is in ground beef and people might limit their consumption based on these facts. I also find it hard to believe that good agriculture methods can lead to e. coli or salmonella problems that trigger the need for pink slime. The problems are mostly associated with those companies that put profits before the lives of humans and the animals raised in factory farmed settings…


  7. The fact is that American’s aren’t the governments personal guinea pigs. We have a right to know what we are eating plain and simple!!! Ground meat products could contain E coli, or other organisms regardless of the addition of LFTB, addition of this doesn’t make the meat any safer.


  8. Haven’t eaten meat in 17 years. Problem solved! For those who do, the best way to get hamburger is to find a nice roast that hasn’t been glued together and ask the store to grind it up! Then cook it well done!


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