Smoked Salmon and Salmonella Thompson – Update #3

The following contains updated information and is current as of October 8, 2012. Updated information is indicated in red.

CDC, FDA, and USDA are cooperating in an ongoing investigation of Salmonella Thompson illnesses that may be linked to a concurrent outbreak in the Netherlands.

The US investigation began last month (September) into 85 cases of a single genetic type of Salmonella Thompson that were reported by 27 states since July 1st, according to CDC spokesperson Lola Russell. Ten people have been hospitalized; there have been no deaths.

This is a fairly common strain of Salmonella Thompson, and CDC would normally expect to see approximately 30 “background” cases during the same period.

The epidemiological investigation into the source of the 85 illnesses is being carried out by the various state health agencies in cooperation with CDC. It would not be surprising, according to CDC, if some of the 85 cases are found to be unrelated to the outbreak.

CDC is not yet ready to release a list of the affected states; however, eFoodAlert has learned that the following states are in the process of investigating one or more Salmonella Thompson illnesses:

  • Alabama: 1 case
  • Arizona: 1 case; a child
  • California: “The California Department of Public Health has just begun its investigation into the outbreak in Europe of Salmonella Thompson illnesses that are linked to smoked salmon. We don’t have any information to share at this time.”
  • Colorado: 2 cases
  • Illinois: 2 cases
  • Maryland: 10 cases; age range 5 years to 77 years; most cases in the Baltimore metropolitan area
  • Nebraska: 6 cases; age range is 3 months to 61 years; two people hospitalized; illnesses reported from the east central region of Nebraska
  • New Hampshire: 1 case; an adult resident of Rockingham County who was hospitalized, but has since recovered
  • New York: 4 cases; no geographic cluster
  • Texas: 1 case
  • Virginia: 1 case

No cases are under investigation at this time in Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Washington or Wyoming.

All of the people with whom I’ve communicated at the federal and state level have emphasized that there has not been an epidemiological link made between the illnesses under investigation in the USA and the consumption of smoked salmon. Nevertheless, the outbreak strain appears to be the same as the strain that is behind the Dutch outbreak, and CDC is recommending that the public avoid eating smoked salmon originating from the Dutch producer.

On September 28th, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority announced the recall of smoked salmon manufactured by Foppen Paling en Zalm and sold through major supermarket chains, including Aldi and Albert Heijn.

On October 1st, the Netherlands issued an alert through the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed, notifying member countries that a sample of smoked salmon originating from Greece was contaminated with Salmonella Thompson. Associated Press reports that the contaminated smoked salmon was processed at Foppen’s factory in Greece.

Foppen has initiated a recall of the following products, sorted by retailer:

Albert Heijn

  • AH smoked salmon cubes. EAN: 8710400130574
  • AH smoked salmon. EAN: 8710400383932
  • AH smoked salmon. EAN: 8718265066915
  • AH salmon sandwich slices. EAN: 8710400383956
  • AH hot smoked salmon. All
  • AH salmon salad. EAN: 8718265473072
  • Euro Shopper smoked salmon. EAN: 8712224125903
  • AH Excellent Scottish salmon fillet. EAN: 8710400383970
  • AH Excellent salmon season. EAN: 8718265473164
  • AH Excellent smoked salmon fillet. All
  • AH pure & honest Sockeye salmon. EAN: 8710400628101


  • Smoked salmon fillet. 200 grams; EAN: with number 23066250 GB-6115EG; Foppen Eel and Salmon on back of package


  • Salmon sliced. ​​100 grams; Item number 27552001
  • Salmon Slices. 100g; Item number 27552003


  • Horeca Select Graved Lachs. EAN: 8711576082247
  • Foppen Salmon. 3 x 100 grams; EAN: 8712224140005
  • Aro salmon sliced. ​​200 grams; EAN: 8711576041671
  • Catering selectable pcs salmon slices. EAN: 8711576082285
  • Catering select salmon pieces. EAN: 8711576086474
  • Catering select salmon slit. EAN: 8711576082278
  • Toast Salmon. 283 grams; Foppen EAN: 8712224129314
  • Catering select salmon slices. EAN: 8711576082261
  • Catering select sockeye salmon. EAN: 8711576084531
  • Catering select salmon toast. EAN: 8711576154890


  • Plus Salmon fillet. All
  • Plus Sockeye salmon, sliced. ​​EAN: 8710624991289
  • Plus Salmon slit. EAN: 8710624938246
  • Salmon sliced. ​​100 grams; EAN: 8710624943837

Dirk van den Broek, Bas van der Heijden and Digros

  • Salmon sliced. ​​200 grams; EAN: 8710871082907

Coop, Coop Super

  • Coop selectable long sliced ​​salmon. 125g
  • Sockeyezalm sliced. ​​125g
  • Sockeyezalm gravad lachs. 125g; EAN: 8712224129321

BONI, CoopCodis and Jan Linders

  • Smoked Salmon Salad (craft box). EAN: 8710378571645

Boni, MCD, Agri Market, Coop, Super Coop, Dane, Dekamarkt, Bas van der Heijden, Dirk van den Broek, Digros, EMTÉ Hoogvliet, Jan Linders, Nettorama, Poiesz, Plus, Vomar, Spar

  • Vismarine Scottish salmon fillet. EAN: 8710624008383
  • Vismarine 100 grams carved salmon. EAN: 8710624008369
  • Vismarine 200 grams carved salmon. EAN: 8710624008321
  • Salmon sliced. ​​200 grams; EAN: 8712224127945
  • Vismarine Sandwich Salmon. 100g; EAN: 8710624100254

Jan Linders

  • Jan Linders Smoked Salmon Salad, 150g. EAN: 8710378571645
  • Jan Linders Salad with salmon. EAN: 8711606069613

(Super) Coop

  • Smoked Salmon Salad 150g. EAN: 8710378571645


  • Smoked Salmon Salad 150g. EAN: 8710378571645


  • Salad with Salmon. EAN: 8711715891341


  • Salad with Salmon. EAN: 8710408129464


  • Salad with salmon. EAN: 8711606048014


  • Salad with salmon. EAN 8711606057856


  • Salad with Salmon. EAN 8718204009454


  • Salad with Salmon. EAN 8711606159338


  • Salad with salmon. EAN 8710624968977


  • All day fresh Salad with salmon. EAN 8711606001903


  • Fano Pasta Salmon Salad, 2.5kg bucket. EAN 8710773130614

The implicated product was sold in the USA through Costco, as Foppen Norwegian Smoked Salmon Slices (12 oz) and Kirkland Signature Norwegian Imported Smoked Salmon (2 x 12 oz). FDA is working to determine whether any other retailers in the USA carried the Foppen smoked salmon.

The recalled products were exported to a number of countries in addition to the USA, including Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Mexico, Switzerland and Taiwan. The China Post reported today that Costco Wholesale Corp has withdrawn all smoked salmon processed by Foppen from its Taiwan stores.

Costco has issued the following advisory to its members/customers:

The Foppen Company, located in Holland, has today announced an International recall of various smoked salmon items, including the Foppen Smoked Salmon slices (item #7859) or the Kirkland Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon 2 Pack (item #7070). This recall has been announced due to possible salmonella contamination. The dates ranges are Sept 1 2012 through Oct 1 2012 for both items.

Do not eat any of your remaining smoked salmon and return it to Costco for a full refund.  None of the Costco salmon has tested positive for salmonella, and no illnesses have been reported to Costco.

For more information, please visit

According to the Hawaii Department of Health, none of the recalled smoked salmon was shipped to Costco in that state.

Even though CDC and state health authorities have not yet established a link between the smoked salmon and this outbreak strain, CDC recommends that the public should not consume smoked salmon products manufactured by Foppen at this time.


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